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Got 4 Weeks? Get in Shape with Sweat, Burn, Repeat

Women of a certain age have calendars that are jammed packed with things to do, but somehow we forget one thing–exercise.  We have all kinds of reasons that we can’t exercise. Some of the reasons we give for not exercising are the distance to the gym, traffic, weather, time, and more.

Well, fitness guru and boss woman Yolanda Harper is coming to the rescue. Yolanda has created a Tabata fitness program that jumpstarts your fitness journey in only 4 weeks. The Sweat, Burn, Repeat program is designed to help you burn a lot of calories while you do the exercises and even while you are resting–what could be better?

Tabata training breaks your workout into defined intervals of 20 seconds of vigorous exercise followed by 10-second rest breaks.  The program gives instructions on how many repetitions are needed.  Hence the name Sweat, Burn, Repeat.

If you are just starting your exercise program, no worries; the exercises can be modified.  The program lets you work your way to more advanced exercises. Take a look at our conversation with Yolanda as she tells us more about the program.

Once you purchase the program, you will receive an invitation to join the Sweat, Burn, Repeat closed Facebook group. When you join this group, you will be able to communicate with other individuals who are in the program.  You will be able to share your progress, address challenges, and brag about accomplishments.

4-weeks is a month of your time–why not Sweat, Burn, Repeat to a healthier you. Make time for “you” because “thisisyourbestyear”.


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