Take Your Man To The Doctor–Men’s Health Month

Even though this is a blog for and about women of a certain age, who better to get the males in our lives to the doctor than us?  It seems that most men do not go to the doctor to take regular checkups.

There are guidelines for the ages at which certain tests should be taken.  Why not go to the doctor with your husband, friend, son or dad to ask the questions you know they won’t ask?  Ask the male(s) in your life to see if their insurance plan covers certain tests since cost seems to be another factor in men going to the doctor.

men's health month

As men mature (not age), there are certain exams that should be taken such as the Digital Rectal Exam (DRE) and the Prostate Specimen Antigen (PSA) which test for Prostate Cancer.  They should be taken annually for men 50 and over, and age 40 for African-American males.  The Testicular Self-Exam should be done monthly for signs of Testicular Cancer.  Just as with most cancers, if found early, the patient can be cured.

Maybe the doctor should call these exams part of the Well Man Checkup–just like our Well Woman Checkup.  Even though it may take a bit of coercing, take the males in your life to the doctor for their annual checkup.  They will thank you–even if they don’t, they will be healthy.

Remember “thisisyourbestyear”.


Beyond Words–Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth Presents Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic

From September 20, 2015 to January 10, 2016 the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth (Texas) will be presenting the art work of Kehinde Wiley.  Mr. Wiley has been a professional artist for about 14 years, but he has been an artist for most of his 38 years. 

Photography by David Woo
Photography by David Woo

The art lovers of Fort Worth and Tarrant County came out for a one of a kind book signing. The lecture that proceeded the book signing was one of the most successful the museum has held.  There was standing room only in the main hall with just as many being seated in Café Modern. All were informed and entertained by Kehinde’s conversation with Eugenie Tsai of the Brooklyn Museum.

The exhibition–Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic showcases about 60 of Kehinde’s body of work.  The exhibition starts with a piece painted just before his graduation from Yale University and gives you some background into his life as an African-American male.

When you visit the exhibition, you will find yourself stepping up closely to examine the pieces, then stepping back to see them from a different angle.  There are huge paintings, smaller paintings, sculptures and one of my favorites–beautiful stained glass pieces. I suggest that you take the guided tour (at least the first time you go, you will go back again). The guided tour will give you insight into Kehinde’s vision, and how it has evolved.

To find out more about the world-famous Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth go to: http://themodern.org/.  You can also read more about Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic at  http://themodern.org/exhibition/upcoming/kehinde-wiley-a-new-republic/3071.

As I tell everyone, there may be bigger (modern art museums), but there are none better than the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth (Texas).

*Great girlfriends outing, date night or going it alone.

Remember ” thisisyourbestyear”.

Honoring Our Father–Our Own Personal SuperHero

It’s that time!! We want to honor your SuperHero–your father!  Remember when he was the tallest, biggest, smartest man in the world?  He could leap tall buildings with a single bound–my dad didn’t even have to jump. He took care of you, he protected you and was always so proud of you. He was your Super Hero.

Father’s Day is coming up, so let’s honor our fathers.  Please email a photo of your dad to us by June 14, 2015 so that we can honor your SuperHero.  You can email us your photo at:  thisisyourbestyear@gmail.com. Please make sure to identify everyone in the photo.

Help us put your dad in the picture.  Remember “thisisyourbestyear”.


The Dallas Black Dance Theatre Celebrates African American History Month

In celebration of African-American History Month (February), the Dallas Black Dance Theatre will showcase works by world-famous choreographers Talley Beatty, Alvin Ailey and Troy Powell. They will also feature a new spiritual work by resident choreographer Richard A. Freeman, Jr.  The company will perform at their home theatre–the beautiful Wyly Theatre in Dallas Texas.

You can purchase tickets at their site at:  http://www.dbdt.com/performances/cultural-awareness-series/.

Tickets are going fast for this wonderful event. 

Remember “thisisyourbestyear”.

dallas black dance theater

Former High School Dropout Goes For Ph.D



I found this inspiring article in the Houston Chronicle. Ms. Doris Morgan  Bloom was a high school dropout at 16 with a husband and a baby on the way. With a needed push from a night school instructor she began a journey that will lead her to a doctorate.  Doris is a woman of a certain age that proves “thisisyour(her) bestyear”.               

A Taste Of Hollywood in Texas (Forest Hill)


         I felt like I was really in Hollywood. Here I am with actor Charles Malik Whitfield. He was at the premiere with other members of the cast and production team of the movie “Steps of Faith”. They are left to right Gwen Barbee, director of the Film and Movie Institute, actress Tracey Ross, producer Kelly Gray and actress Chrystee Pharris.

Take a look at the trailer for “Steps of Faith” below. 

It was a night to remember–red carpet and all!  Remember “thisisyourbestyear”.

Marriage–You Pray For Me–I Pray For You

It’s been a bumpy, happy, funny and whatever else kind of road there can be including the long and winding road of a marriage.  There are no magic potions to a happy marriage–basically no two are alike. When people are asked what makes a marriage work there are many different answers. Some people say they married their best friend. They say he’s the Ying to their Yang.  They say they are the pieces to their jigsaw puzzle.  They say they never go to bed angry.  They say a lot of things.  After 36 years I can say we have gone to bed angry.  We had to go to work the next day!  I will tell you though the one thing that we have done each night and each morning for the life of the marriage–we pray for each other.  He prays for me, and I pray for him.  I’ve even prayed on the anniversaries that he has forgotten.  We know that prayer works.

On this anniversary we are still praying because we remember “thisis(our)yourbestyear”.

Instinct–The Power to Unleash Your Inborn Drive

On a beautiful Sunday morning after sending my tithes to my home church, my friend and I were off to The Potter’s House of Dallas for “Instinct Sunday”. Bishop T. D. Jakes was giving a sermon on “your” instinct, and how to listen to it. The sermon did not disappoint. It held something for all ages. My sisters of a certain age, he did not leave us out. His sermon came partly from his new book “Instinct–The Power to Unleash Your Inborn Drive”.  It’s not really a self-help book, nor is it a motivational book.  It is a book about what we all have–INSTINCT.

Bishop Jakes continued his message on “Instinct” and transformation on Oprah’s Lifeclass where he brought it home to the “women of a certain age”. I invite all of you to find this episode–it resonated with me. Remember, I’ve told you that I don’t have a bucket list, I have an I’m gonna do list.

One of my favorite quotes from the book “Instinct” comes from chapter 17 (Instinctive Relationships). I remember my mother telling me something similar. The quote is:  If you network only with people who do what you do and have what you have, then there’s no intersection of variations. You might make a nice mop or wig, but you won’t have a net that benefits the world! Networks are built on strands that cross lines and make connections in spite of facing different directions or diverse perspectives”.

This quote goes along with the saying that I gave you about the 6 girlfriends–we need to get out there and hang out with people other than those that are just like us.

I think this book can be a single read, book club read or a supplement to a class. It is a book about all of us.

Below are pictures of Bishop Jakes and “Instinct Sunday”.

Bishop Jakes concluded his sermon by telling the congregation that we need to ROAR after listening to our “Instinct”, and take charge of our lives. I hope that we will begin to ROAR as we remember “thisis(our)yourbestyear”.

You can view Bishop Jakes on Oprah’s Lifeclass on the OWN Network. He is doing 3 parts. If you miss these episodes, you may be able to find them On Demand. The book is In bookstores on May 6. You can also order from the Potter’s House on their website.

The Potter’s House: http://www.thepottershouse.org/