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Even with the Potholes it was a Very Good Year

It’s about to be another year in our lives–for this, we should be grateful.  With everything that has happened over the last year, we sometimes wonder how we can say “thisisy(our)bestyear”. If we learned something from whatever it was in the previous year, then it was the best year.

Here are a few of the things that I learned.

  • Last year was the first time I lost a close friend, you know that friend that you have known from kindergarten until now. We lived in different cities, but we talked a couple of times each month. Our conversations always contained a small part of nostalgia–especially when we talked about home.  She would always call me by my full name including my maiden name, and I called her by her middle name. I cherish her memory and her friendship.  The miles apart did not weaken our friendship–it cemented it because when we did get together it was wonderful.  CHERISH FRIENDSHIPS
  • I think I started to feel a little off near the end of 2021, maybe even before then, but as they say, I just kept going until I couldn’t go anymore.  It seemed like I went to bed one day, and I woke up with the world spinning around me and it would not stop. Between going to my doctor, I went to the emergency room many times sometimes via ambulance.  After seeing my doctor I went to specialists such as ear, nose, and throat doctors and neurologists who prescribed therapy.  To this day I am not sure if it helped, but my therapist helped in a big way.  While she worked on me we talked, and one day she said to me that it sounded like I needed another kind of neurologist–a movement neurologist.  To make a long story short, I got my doctor to recommend one, and I got an appointment. This was in August and my appointment was for December. Being a career educator I did my research and found one sooner like in August.  On a scale of  1 to 10, my symptoms are kept at bay at about a 2, and on bad days maybe a 4.  I learned a lot from this experience. BE YOUR OWN HEALTHCARE ADVOCATE
  • With the health problems I continued to write this blog “thisisyourbestyear” it had become not my job, but something that gave me purpose.  I did several podcasts, went to some great events, talked with some amazing people, and lots more.  I did all of this because it gave me a purpose.  I’m not a DIY person, but I even tried that, I wanted to have a reason to get up, and fight through.  HAVE A PURPOSE IN LIFE
  • Family has always been something that I treasure.  Getting together with family is always a joy for me.  Last year family dinners became even more important.  It wasn’t the food, it was the togetherness.  This became even more special because our only grandson is now a teenager, and starting to have his own interest which sometimes doesn’t include his grandparents, especially the one that hugs. We were able to get together with other family members which is always fun and warm the heart.  COMMUNICATE WITH FAMILY
  • Even during Covid the exercise group I work out with weekly kept meeting weekly. Even though I gained weight during Covid, exercising via Zoom helped to keep gaining even more weight away.  It provided a time to catch up, exercise, and keep moving.  We all know that as we mature, it is more about being able to move than anything. KEEP EXERCISING SO YOU CAN KEEP MOVING

The list could go on and on, but you get the picture.  There were potholes in the last year that caused me to slow down, and/or take a detour, but I kept going. I would pick up speed when I could, let the window down, and let the wind blow in my hair with the music blaring.

I don’t make resolutions, I do “I’m gonna do”.  This coming year “I’m gonna do” some of the same, but a lot of different things.  I’ve got little goals and a couple of big ones too. Hopefully, you will join me this coming year.  The road may get bumpy, but as women of a certain age, we know “thisisyourbestyear”, climb on in, put your seatbelt on and enjoy the ride.


  • Gwen Carter
    January 2, 2023 at 11:24 am

    I absolutely love this post! I am inspired and looking forward to the new year…dodging the potholes whenever I can but filling them with hope when I can’t. Happy, happy new year

  • Heidi-Marie
    April 6, 2023 at 8:43 am

    Great piece! It is important to count our blessings and not to take things such as good health, family and friends for granted, as you very well note. We must strive to live a purpose-driven life, which invariably produces happiness and contentment. As such, it will always be a good year, even with potholes.
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