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Danette Wicker–The Boss Woman Behind Body Contouring by D

Meet a Boss Woman who works on your health, your soul, and your body.  Meet Danette Wicker.  She has recently expanded her business Danette’s Urban Oasis to include Body Contouring by D.

We recently visited Danette to learn more about body contouring.  As you will see Danette is a work in progress.  She has learned the art of body contouring and is now personally using it on herself.  Ms. Wicker is not only talking the talk, she is walking the walk. To learn more about Body Contouring by D take a look at our conversation with the Boss Woman behind Body Contouring by D.

To schedule a consultation with Danette you can use any of the methods below.

  • Email–
  • Call or Text–682.597.5653
  • Website–

Remember “thisisyourbestyear”–do you!

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