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To Cook or not to Cook–Chefs for Seniors

If you are tired of cooking but want healthy, good-tasting meals then Chefs for Seniors may be what you are looking for.  A lot of us have tried the meal prep delivery services such as Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, and others.  These services take shopping out of the picture. Everything that you need is packaged and sent to you along with step-by-step instructions (you can also find the instructions online). There is no need to go shopping for that fourth of a teaspoon of a spice you will never use again.  They do the shopping for you.

They have plans that you can choose from such as vegetarian, carb-conscious, pescatarian, and others.  Some even partner with weight loss programs. For the most part, there is no contract, and you can cancel at any time.  You do, however, have to prepare the meals–chop the veggies, cook the protein, etc.

I talked with Amy Horrey, the owner of the franchise Chefs for Seniors in Fort Worth to find out more about the services they provide. There are several franchises that serve the Tarrant County area.

Chefs for Seniors gives you your own licensed professional personal chef. Their mission is to improve seniors’ lives through food. They differ from the previous meal prep delivery services in several ways:

  • You get a visit from your personal chef.
  • You select meals from 12 seasonal menu options that rotate weekly.
  • The chef goes grocery shopping for the items that are needed for your meal (they bring the receipt to you).  They shop at the store you suggest.
  • Your meals are customized for your dietary concerns.
  • Meals are prepared in your kitchen, using pots/pans the chef brings with them.
  • Meals are prepared and packaged with labels and reheating instructions.
  • They clean the kitchen.

In addition, one of the greatest benefits is the human element.  The chefs may be the only face-to-face communication some seniors have during the week. It can be their link to the outside world.

While talking with Amy, she told me about some of her clients.  They include a couple who are able to stay in their home, but shopping and preparing meals have become more difficult.  Their daughter wanted them to have healthy, good-tasting food for a balanced diet. She found Chefs for Seniors for them. She said they not only liked the food, but the conversations with the chef were something they enjoyed too.

The chefs provided by Chefs for Seniors are licensed through the state health department.  They undergo background checks and have years of experience in the food service industry.

Chefs for Seniors pride themselves not only on the food they prepare but also on what they bring to the quality of life of their customers. Cooking or not, remember “thisisyourbestyear”.

To learn more about Chefs for Seniors contact:


For franchising information call: (844) 237-2433 ext. 4





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