I Agree With Ann Brenoff

Well Ann Brenoff and I are on the same page.  I agree with her–I am not ready to go gray!  I remember telling the stylist that I needed to come in because there was some white stuff in my hair that would not go away.  He laughed when I came in, and it was the gray.

I have thought about it though, but in all honestly my gray is just ugly.  It didn’t come in like a friend of mine–you know that nice salt and pepper look.  The very bright white which is so pretty.  I do think some people can rock gray, just like I think Mary J. Blige can rock blond and Sharon Osbourne shade of red.

I’ve decided that Ann Brenoff and I will become good friends as we hoard hair color.  Take a look at Ann’s post that appeared on the Huffington Post.

You can follow Ann on Twitter at: @AnnBrenoff.

Remember “thisisyourbestyear”–to go gray or not is your choice!  Thank the Lord!

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