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You Are Worth A Hundred XOXO–Self-Care And More

Have you noticed that it seems complicated for women of a certain age to learn how to do self-care?  When we were younger, there were the kids who had to be taken care of; they needed this and that.  Sometimes, it was the spouse that was the one that you took care of.  For those who worked outside the home, it was a juggling act where we seemed to always drop the one ball labeled “me.”

As we have matured, we still find ourselves juggling–some are still into careers, starting new careers, taking care of grown children, raising a second set of children (grandchildren), volunteering like it’s a job, being caretakers for parents, and so much more. Many of us are still in the habit of putting ourselves last, if at all.

While strolling through social media, I found a site that interested me.  From the word self-care to the coziness and relaxing look of the model in the picture, I wanted to know more.

I had run across A Hundred XOXO. This self-care brand encourages women to “lean into” their soft lives by beginning to put the care of themselves first. As it states on its website–Self-Care is a luxury we all deserve. Don’t you agree?

As you will see in the video, our conversation with creator and CEO Brittany Lewis was great.  She is a woman who knows the importance of taking the time to do self-care.  Her company, A Hundred XOXO provides a monthly subscription box service. Each box contains a little bit of heaven. There can be journals, luxurious lotions, amazing bath salts, unique mugs for that nightly cup of tea, and more.  Each box is different and hand-picked by Ms. Lewis.

To learn more about A Hundred XOXO, watch our interview with this “Boss Woman”, Brittany Lewis. Her self-care journey will resonate with all of you.  What are you waiting for?

Remember “thisisyourbestyear” and you deserve A Hundred XOXO and more.



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