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Pink MahogHany Founder Chavalia Dunlap is a Boss Woman

While reading a magazine I came across an article about Black women perfumers. The article was interesting, but one perfumer caught my attention–Chavalia Dunlap.

Maybe I should say where she lived caught my attention. She lived in my hometown of Longview, Texas. Why hadn’t I heard of this young lady? I still have friends, classmates, and others who live in Longview, but no one had mentioned Chavalia.

Well, I did my research, contacted her, set up an interview, and the rest is on the video. Ms. Dunlap’s journey to creating perfume is a journey that started when she was a small child sniffing couch pillows to now creating beautiful scents. Her journey will inspire you.

This self-taught perfumer has a story to tell, and we hope that you enjoy the story of this boss woman’s journey.

You can purchase the fragrances of Pink MahogHany from these locations:

Pink Mahoghany says that “a good fragrance calls, but an exceptional fragrance whispers”.  Let’s be exceptional because “thisisyourbestyear”.


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