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Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

The holiday season for many means one thing–shopping.  Yes, even in the midst of a pandemic some will have to do holiday shopping  Whether shopping for grocery items to make that special dinner or shopping for that must-have Christmas gift, some people must go shopping.  In fact, some people are addicted to shopping. Since we have been for the most part staying inside unless necessary, many of us are welcoming the holidays because there are a lot of things we “must” have and “must” do.

We’ve become cautious about Covid, but we tend to forget there are other things that can harm us.  Most people remember they need to wear a mask, they remember to sanitize their hands, the grocery cart (I always did that before the pandemic), and more.  But we forget that there are two-legged perpetrators waiting to rob, steal, and sometimes harm us as we shop. We must take precautions.

While shopping at the grocery store how many of you have left your purse in the buggy while you grabbed that head of lettuce, or read the list off of the phone?  Remember to keep your purse on your person, and please keep it zipped/closed.  We can’t seem to find anything in it, but I will bet you the person who walks past and takes it can.

Since a lot of grocery stores and big-box stores are going to self-check, you might think about not bringing a purse in when shopping.  Wearing an outfit that has a secured pocket or zipped area where you can put your debit/credit card may be the best solution.  If you decided to do that don’t do like some women who get out of the car, ramble through their purse for that one credit card, put everything back in the purse, open the trunk and then lock the purse inside.  The robber could have robbed you while you were putting the purse in the trunk, and now he knows that all of your other valuables are in the trunk.

Try to go shopping when a lot of people are around.  The grocery store can get crowded, but you want someone to at least call 911 if you need help.  When you are putting the bags in the car, if you have your purse, then keep it with you.  Do not, I repeat, do not open the car door and put it in.  How long does it take someone to grab a purse?  Not long.

Believe it or not, some people will still go to the mall to get that must-have gift.  Try not to go alone, there is safety in numbers.  You may have to add your form of ID to that one credit card that you carry.  If you can’t leave home without a purse then try to wear it as a cross-body bag, with the bag near the person you are walking with.

If it’s underground parking and crowded, you might want to wait until another time to shop especially at night–the dark seems to bring out more than just the stars. While you are paying for your items watch and make sure that no one is standing too close to obtain your information.

If for some reason you need cash, please go to an ATM where you can be seen during business hours.  If you get a feeling–drive off.  Better to be safe than sorry.

Even if you are ordering all gifts, groceries and other items online be safe.  Use reputable stores, and a credit card company that looks out for you.  American Express will notify you if your card activity seems out of the norm.  Don’t just open the door for the delivery person, ask for identification.

Purchasing gas especially after dark is one of the most dangerous things that women can do.  If you find that you must stop, try to stop at a pump where the people inside can see you, don’t be on your telephone, put your purse on the floor of the driver’s side, and lock the door.  Be observant and cautious.

After you get home especially in the dark drive into the garage, let the garage door down while looking in the rearview and side mirrors.  When the door is completely down then get out of the car.  The gifts can stay in the car until morning if they are in the trunk.  If you have groceries then put them in the back seat.  That way you can get them out safely while parked safely in your garage.

It’s easy to let our guard down especially during the holiday season. We are so excited for any reason to get out and about that we forget to take precautions.

“thisisyourbestyear” is hosting a virtual event that will discuss the precautions that women should take to stay safe while shopping, and also items that can help protect us.  The event is scheduled for Wednesday, December 9 at 7 PM CT.  Officer Demetra Bradley, Fort Worth police officer and CEO of Foxy Defense and Protection, LLC will lead the discussion. It will be available on Zoom. If you would like to attend, please email us at  Please use the word “Safety” as the subject line. We will email you the link.

Remember “thisisyourbestyear”–and in the words of one of my favorite shows “let’s be careful out there.”


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