Dramatic Drop In Colon Cancer Rates Thanks To More Screenings, Research Finds

As women we know that we need to do certain medical tests such as mammograms partly because of public service announcements. These announcements have proven to be life savers. We tend to dread these exams, but we take them. Now a colonoscopy is another thing all together. There are not many public service announcements about this exam–I don’t think there are any. We put off having one just because–because we do not know that they can save our life. Take a look at the article below.


Preventive care is the best medicine. Let’s do all we can to live healthy lives.

Remember “thisisyourbestyear”.

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This is my best year ever, and it can be yours too. When I turned 40, I thought it was the end of life as I knew it. When I turned 50, I knew it was the end. It was the end, the end of that year--nothing more and nothing less. I've retired, gone to another career, started a business, and have kept writing. I've taken classes including glass blowing, swing dancing and so much more. I'm making each year, my best year.

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