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Beige or Magenta–Finding Our Sass With Liz Kitchens

Think about the color beige for a moment.  What comes to your mind?  Is beige anyone’s favorite color? Is beige exciting? In the store, are you drawn to a rack of beige clothing? How do you describe the color beige? Now think about the color magenta. What comes to your mind–you don’t have a lot that goes with magenta?

Beige is safe.  You can’t go wrong with beige.  Beige goes with almost everything. Beige blends in with everything. On the other hand, magenta stands out on its own.  Magenta doesn’t go with everything.  Magenta has a bold personality.

Author Liz Kitchens’ latest book, “Be Brave. Lose the Beige! Finding Your Sass After Sixty,” is a manual that affirms that women of a certain age do not fit a particular pattern. Her book states you can buy those magenta shoes instead of the beige ones.  Why? Because you want them!

Liz is a cross between Erma Bombeck, Dear Abby, and Gloria Steinem.  For our younger followers, she is “funny,” gives advice, and doesn’t need approval to do it.

Our interview with Liz turned into girl talk.  Grab your favorite snack or beverage, and join our talk with Liz Kitchens.  Remember thisisyourbestyear”:  let’s add a little magenta to our lives–or maybe a lot!

You can purchase “Be Brave. Lose the Beige! Finding Your Sass After Sixty” at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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