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Introducing “For Women By Women, Period”

**Guest post by Isabelle Gagalang-Asuncion

For Women By Women, Period, or FWBW. is a non-profit organization that provides care packages to homeless and low-income menstruating individuals and provides education about menstruation to change the stigma and ultimately fight against period poverty. 

What is period poverty? According to the American Medical Women’s Association, it refers to “the lack of access to menstrual products, sanitation facilities, and adequate education as it affects about 500 million people worldwide.” Due to the Pink Tax, or Tampon Tax, those who experience poverty cannot purchase what they need, making them unable to even go to work or school. Some unfortunately even have to choose their next meal over menstrual products. 

The founder of FWBW., Carrington Baker explains why she created the non-profit organization as there is a great need for those who don’t have access to period products. “I realized the need for period products among menstruators in the United States. I have always seen many non-profit organizations supporting menstruators in underdeveloped countries, but I never knew of organizations supporting menstruators in the states.” 

Baker developed an impactful team that consists of individuals from diverse backgrounds, allowing the organization to better understand the menstrual experience in many aspects. They believe that menstrual products should ultimately be both free and accessible to all who menstruate. It is essential and critical to acknowledge the importance of creating an inclusive environment and recognizing that not all women menstruate and those who menstruate are not all women. Everyone should feel comfortable caring for themselves during their time of the month. FWBW. wants to make a change and push forward education about menstruation and sexual health so there will be a safe space to share one’s experience. 

Over the past year, FWBW., through fundraisers, donations, and support from menstrual product companies such as Cora, The Honey Pot Company, Aunt Flow, and Lunette, have created many Moon Pacs. Moon Pacs are menstrual product packages that include: underwear, pads, tampons, disposable heating pads, and wipes; and are distributed to shelters and groups that serve low-income communities throughout New York City.  

How can you help? Feel free to donate to FWBW. via their donation page found on our website They accept monetary donations via Paypal, Cash App, Venmo, and they accept product donations through their Amazon list located on their website under ‘Donate’. If you are a NYC local, they also accept volunteers. Fill out the form on the website! 

For Women By Women, Period will continue to help many menstruators in need as menstruation is a monthly struggle that affects them physically, emotionally, and mentally. As it is crucial to bring dignity to menstruators. 

Remember “thisisyourbestyear”.  Help others help themselves–your donations will be appreciated.

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