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Life During Covid And Beyond

We can get together with extended family and friends now that we (at least some of us) have been vaccinated. As a woman of a certain age, I will still take precautions and continue to wear my mask inside stores, around people that I am not familiar with–just to remain cautious. Everyone talks about what they didn’t do doing the pandemic, but this is not about what we didn’t do, it’s about what we did do, and we did a lot! Here are a few things that I did via the internet or while masked up.

  • I successfully worked from home.  Since I had taught online classes before it wasn’t that difficult to change over at the beginning of the pandemic.
  • My daughters and I created a DUO group so that we could all talk and see each other–we included my sister. It was our “girl” talk.
  • I missed hugging my family.
  • My youngest daughter called me every morning just to talk.
  • I attended sorority meetings and events they had–mystery game night, paint and sip parties, finer womanhood, and more.
  • I did Wild Wits online (Sid Richardson Museum).
  • I did more
  • I got my Covid vaccination
  • I got my Shingles shot.
  • I got my Pneumonia shot.
  • I got my Flu shot (as we mature, we go back to your childhood when we had to take immunizations for school).
  • Visiting great museums became a great experience for me.
  • I had fun attending other club meetings and events with the Tarrant County Women’s Policy Forum.
  • I cooked new recipes and made some of them my own.
  • I was able to visit several churches on Sundays without missing service at my church.
  • My grandson and I worked the in-person (mask-wearing) food giveaway at church.
  • I watched great documentaries.
  • I read several good and not-so-good books.
  • I contacted people that I had not communicated with for some time.
  • I changed my hairstyle–before and after below.
  • I attended weekly exercise classes via zoom with my group and trainer.
  • I exercised by walking.
  • I did other exercise classes online.
  • I attended webinars that were on finance, aging, women-owned businesses, and more.
  • My sister and I stood in line (masked) for Fletcher’s Corn Dogs.
  • I enjoyed finally seeing family in person while we sat outside and just talked.
  • I attended the Harambee Festival online.
  • My friend and I once fully vaccinated enjoyed making a leather purse with the Cowtown Crafters.
  • My sister and I planted a vegetable garden.
  • I planted flowers in the yard.
  • I attended several tea parties.
  • I attended birthday parties both online and drive-through.
  • I held online events for “thisisyourbestyear”–hope you attended. Take a look at the one on Women’s Safety.
  • I went to several Fort Worth Opera events.
  • I watched the Alvin Ailey Dancers perform.
  • I decluttered my house.
  • I saved on gas.
  • Voted!
  • I volunteered for the Travis Manion Foundation.
  • My sister and I attended church in a parking lot (in my car).
  • I decorated my Christmas tree.
  • I celebrated ringing in the New Year.
  • I watched the youth say Easter speeches.
  • I watched the inauguration of a new administration.
  • I lost weight–YIPPEE!
  • I attempted to do my own hair.
  • I took a makeup class online.
  • I talked with my family.
  • I Lived.
  • I Laughed.
  • I Loved.
  • I Enjoyed Close Family
  • And more!

No, I couldn’t just get in my car and go, but I learned to enjoy what I could do.  Sometimes it was just sitting outside with my hubby.  What did you do during the pandemic?  Were you bored? Did you do something different? Learn a new skill? What?

Now that we are out of the Covid stay-in-the-house pandemic, what are you looking forward to doing?  Remember “thisisyourbestyear’.  I’m looking forward to living, laughing, and loving even more with family and friends.




  • Gwen Carter
    May 6, 2021 at 11:53 am

    Oh my gosh….this is incredibly inspiring! Although I feel that I kept fairly busy and made some new discoveries while being “on lockdown” during the pandemic, my efforts pale in comparison to all the new and exciting adventures I just read. Kudos to you! Thanks so much for giving me new things to try…even as we (I hope,)are getting back to normal..

    • thisisyourbestyear
      May 6, 2021 at 12:17 pm

      I will bet if you sit down and make a list you would be surprised! Thanks for reading and remember “thisisyourbestyear”.


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