Women Who Made The Men

Just a thought, and I know it is just television.  It’s not real life or is it?  Why is it that strong, smart women give up everything for the man they love?  Recently on three television shows I noticed that three women basically made these very successful men. She worked and payed for him to go to school, gave up her ambition for his, went to prison and more.  Now the men treat them like dirt (this is a PG) site. I’m not saying I would not have done it–except I know the prison one would never happen–orange is not my color.

What’s your take on this?  I know we all know someone who has done it?

Remember “thisisyourbestyear”.


  • The Sage Book Whisperer
    March 19, 2015 at 6:20 pm

    Great Observation…I very seldom if ever watch those types of Dramas_ the only one I can speak to is _Scandal_ (& btw I’m kinda tiring of that as well)_here’s my take. TV mirrors real life 99.99% of the time in most of 21st century TV for your watching pleasure. I grew up in an era when the most popular Drama on TV included …Bonanza,The Beverly Hillbillies,Rawhide,Gunsmoke,The Twilight Zone,Father Knows Best,Gomer Pyle, Dragnet, etc.. Women had very little roles in those series…all about Man Power…& to be truthful..Violence! Around 1964 along came Peyton Place …that was considered the #1 scandalous show…where women played a major role!This portrayal of “women making men” has been going on for a long,long time.Primarily,that’s the only reason that girls went to college back in the day_ to get an MRS rather than a BS,BA,PHD,Dr,Attorney,etc.They would marry, do whatever they needed to do to help _say their Doctor-To-Be-Husband finish schooling. So,it doesn’t surprise me. I learned a lot about subtle roles women played on TV & the message thereof. Ad Men (like The Mad Men Series)perpetrated WOMEN Roles in Society…regardless of Race_through all means of Media. No Wonder Women Think so little of their skills….and today young girls have it hard! It’s a GOOD THING my Daddy & Mother taught me better! I schooled ME…..only! Think that’s why I watch mostly PBS & PBS World. They have great Educational Shows & Historical Dramas that I really appreciate! I watch the Weather mostly on major TV stations….

  • thisisyourbestyear
    March 19, 2015 at 8:31 pm

    I schooled me only too!


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