Over The (What) Hill?

What exactly does the phrase “over the hill” mean-especially to women?  Does it mean that we have finally gotten over the hill, and the hard part of living is over.  Does it mean that we can now coast, or does it mean that we should always be breaking because we on the downward slope?  

Does the phrase mean that if we have children, they are probably on their own, making their own money, buying their own cars, houses and other things.  Does it mean that our children are now living their lives by the examples that we sat?

Does the phrase mean that if we are married, we have finally become accustomed to our partner?  We have finally realized, they are not gonna change, and neither are we?  If we are single, does it mean we should stop looking?

Maybe the phrase means our looks are now gonna fade, and all hope is lost!  The phrase can mean many things, but I like what Ellen says.  Take a look and enjoy!


The other side of the hill may have bumps, and you might need to break every once in a while, but just remember “thisisyourbestyear”–there is a snack in your future.

Check your local listings for The Ellen Show.


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