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If the shoe fits

What is too old?

All Things Considered

My most recent column should be appreciated by all women, young and old, who love shoes.

A short while ago my husband and I were attending a funeral. (Unfortunately we seem to be doing this far too often lately.) As is often the case at funerals, I had an epiphany about the rest of my life and how I wanted to live it. However, this epiphany was not quite what you might expect.

My husband had just pulled up to the curb, put the vehicle into park and shut off the engine. I opened my door preparing to step out when a piercing shriek split the air. “Oh my God! Oh my God!” a woman exclaimed and she seemed to be pointing in my direction.

Startled by her scream I immediately checked my leg to see if I were bleeding, but all seemed fine there. Then I quickly scanned under…

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