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It’s November and I am still celebrating my October birthday. I’ve decided to celebrate my birthday all year because “thisisyour(my)bestyear”.

I have always wanted to see the opera Carmen, and when I heard the Dallas Opera was performing it I knew I had to get there. It was performed in the beautiful Winspear Opera House.

Carmen was played by Clementine Margaine who was making her succesful American debut. It was wonderful.

I will celebrate my birthday all year for the rest of my life because each day is special. Here’s hoping that you will celebrate your birthday all year because “thisisyourbestyear”.

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This is my best year ever, and it can be yours too. When I turned 40, I thought it was the end of life as I knew it. When I turned 50, I knew it was the end. It was the end, the end of that year--nothing more and nothing less. I've retired, gone to another career, started a business, and have kept writing. I've taken classes including glass blowing, swing dancing and so much more. I'm making each year, my best year.

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  1. Good for you! Glad you had fun.I love “Carmen” saw it on stage at the San Francisco Opera House in the 90s.You brought back fond memories_ of my girlfriend/co-worker at the time_ and my vacation at her home in the Bay Area.A couple years ago, I purchased the 1954 movie version of “Carmen”_ Directed by Otto Preminger, starring Dorothy Dandridge,Harry Belafonte, Diahann Carroll & Pearl Bailey. It is the contemporary version of the Bizet opera, with new lyrics and an African-American cast.So,if you get to pining for another version _this movie was good. Actually found out later from the movie,”Introducing Dorothy Dandridge”(played by Halle Berry)_that she & Otto Preminger dated! Keep Celebrating!

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