No Water, No Surgery–Wonderful Results


Spa day at SPAtaneity Natural Nail Salon and Ageless Perfection Skin Care was perfectly wonderful.




Started my day off with a facial first–in fact it was a nonsurgical face lift facial.


Glowing results of nonsurgical face lift facial.


image               Next off to waterless manicure and pedicure.  You place your feet on the towel which is on top of a warm heater–feels wonderful.



Wonderful oils are applied and massaged into your feet instead of water.


Just like a regular manicure/pedicure, but waterless.  The chance of infection is lessened because there is no whirlpool. The nail polishes are acetone free and/or vegan.

SPAtaneity Natural Nail Salon (866-338-4880) and Ageless Perfection Skin Care (817-588-5247) are located at

6188 South Jennings, Avenue

Fort Worth, TX 76104

You can also find them both on Facebook

Remember “thisisyourbestyear”.

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