Hey Essence Magazine Great Article, and Bring Back Susan L. Taylor

The article below the first picture is a wonderful article for women of color, and we are all women of color–yes we are! It tells us how to get our skintone even without the use of makeup. The article comes from one of my favorite magazines “Essence”. A couple of years ago, I began to see a shift in the magazine. It seemed Essence started to believe that women of a certain age did not read magazines. I am so happy that they came back to the realization that women of a certain age read magazines and have wonderful lives.

How to get Rid of Dark Spots

The article was written by Eunice Nuekie Cofie who is the founder of Nuekie. Nuekie is a company that provides innovative, dermatological products for women of color. You can follow her on Twitter @eunicecofie.

You can also read more of Essence Magazine at Now if they would just bring back Susan L. Taylor because we need “In the Spirit”.
Susan L. Taylor 3

Remember, “thisisyourbestyear”.

If you would like to have Susan L. Taylor back where she belongs–in Essence Magazine, let them know. You can find Essence on Twitter at essence magazine @essencemag. bring back #Susanltaylor

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