thisisyourbestyear Because of Those that Paved the Way–Honor Them

Yes, “thisisyourbestyear”, but remember and honor those that came before you so that you could live the life you want. Each year there are programs celebrating Black History Month. Above are the members of the Black History Month Committee at Trinity River Campus of Tarrant County College with Star Telegram columnist Bob Ray Sanders (second from right)

A couple of years ago, I wrote this article about giving honor and respect to African Americans who were the “first”. The link is below. Take a look and enjoy because “thisisyourbestyear” because of them.

Paying Homage to African American First

Another wonderful article was written by Leonard Pitts Jr., take a look and remember some of the others who made history.

Spotlighting 10 Who Made a Difference

Remember, “thisisyourbestyear” because of those that paved the way.



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