Olympian Al Joyner talks of Loss

Olympian Al Joyner talks of Loss

Olympian Al Joyner tells how his daughter Mary saved his life after the death of his wife, Flo Jo.  The entire episode on Oprah’s Next Chapter was fantanstic.  If you are a fan of the Olympics, watch this episode before they come on.


Mary says she remembers saying her prayers with her mother every night.  She said her mother always told her to be grateful for “everything” because nothing was promised.  Remember “thisisyourbestyear”.

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  • Edwina
    July 23, 2012 at 6:21 pm

    I watched it last night and was in tears. And then, I had to smile when both he and Mary talked about how 1049 was their clue that Flo Jo was speaking to them. Mary said she almost daily encounters the #1049 in some manner, so her mom is always speaking to her. Such a poignant segment.


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