Looking and Feeling Good Takes Work

As women of a certain age we know about aging, but we also know that age is just a number.  Take a look at this link from More Magazine on anti-aging tips. 


Let’s share some of our own anti-aging tips with each other.  We want our friends to look and feel good too–don’t we?  What are some of your anti-aging tips?

Remember “thisisyourbestyear”.

Catching Up With Old Friends–Spring Break Reading

As a woman of a certain age, I tend to lose touch with some of my friends.  It seems that all of us are busy going here and there–making sure that everyone is happy and content.  It seems that most of my friends are well into their careers or starting new ones.  While on Spring Break in Hot Springs Arkansas, I have decided to invite my friends to go with my husband and me.  He doesn’t mind because they don’t take up that much room and are very quiet.  I even invited someone who I wanted to meet.  Yes, I invited Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.  She has been someone who has always fascinated me because she is a strong woman of a certain age.

Sonia Sotomayor

Justice Sotomayor is woman who like most of us has hit her stride as she has matured. I think her story will be one that will enlighten me, and also one that I will enjoy.


Oprah and I have had to keep in touch with each other by way of “Oprah’s Next Chapter” which I watch every week.  She keeps me informed about the in’s and out’s of some of my favorite people–loved the show with Wayans family  (if you haven’t seen that one, it is wonderful).  I just felt it was time we sat down and had a girl-to-girl conversation so I invited O magazine to come along.  We’re going to talk about everything.  We’re going to start in the morning with a cup of coffee and end the day with a glass of wine.

I had to invite my old friend Ebony magazine.  Ebony has been there for me when no one else was there.  She has seen me through all the stages of my life.  Sometimes we tend to forget those that were there through it all. Desiree Rogers has done a wonderful job reinventing Ebony, but keeping it true to it’s roots.

Since I am on into my second act of life, I always try to know what to do with my money so that I can continue to do some of the things that I like to do so I bought along Money magazine. It has helped me try to insure that even as I mature even more I will be okay financially.  I love the little financial quizzes.

My better half loves to drive wherever we go, and my girlfriend Avis and I are always up for a road trip.  They can be so much fun when you don’t have an agenda, and time is not an option so I bought along Texas Highways magazine.


I truly miss Susan Taylor, you know the “In the Spirit” lady.  She was one of the reasons that I loved Essence magazine.  Essence has changed, as I have too, but it still talks to me about the beauty and the intelligence of “me”.  Can you believe Tia and Tamera are married with children.

Of course every woman of a certain age should have More magazine on their night stand.  It is for and about us.  This year our first lady, Michelle Obama will get her AARP card.  Their magazine is really helpful.  It talks about money, lifestyle, travel and more–I like it. 

I live in Fort Worth, Texas–the best in the West so I have to bring along the city magazine which is one of my favorites.  I say this with tongue in cheek.  I have had a running battle with them to put my alma mater correctly in the colleges/university issue.  Somehow they can’t seem to understand that Texas A&M Commerce has one of the best undergraduate and graduate programs in the state.  I keep telling them and will continue until they get it right.  Even with that, they have the in’s and out’s of the city, and they are a wonderful city guide for Fort Worth and Arlington.


Departure magazine let’s me dream and Robb Report makes me wish.  These two are my sister’s.  They take me away to places that I want to go to.  I love the trips they take me on.  Endless Vacations magazine says it all–no need to explain.

Since I’m about to get to know my friends again, I also bought my music.  I don’t want to disturb my hubby as my girls and I have fun.


When the girls and I get to talking, we can look at the lake, and just relax.  There are even places that we can get our exercise on–walking trails.  We just need to bundle up and get moving.


While I’m talking with the girls, I will have to do a little work too.  I will have to tell them my girlfriend Britine Burton is running for the Arlington Independent School District School Board, and believe it or not I’m trying to assist her.  I’ve bought along a couple of pieces that I need to proofread.  This will not take long, then I can get back to my guests.

New friends are wonderful, but you can just be yourself with old friends.  Remember “thisisyourbestyear“.

The Power of Sisterly Love

First of all I want to tell you how great it is to be back. Over the last few weeks, I have been battling some sort of virus–not the West Nile Virus, but something that left me feeling awful. I felt so bad that one Sunday my husband and I did not go to church, instead we spent Sunday at All Saints Hospital in Fort Worth. I am now feeling so much better–my doctor says it has run its course.  I am so grateful to God and the prayers of my church, Carter Metropolitan Christian Methodist Episcopal and my family. I know “thisis(my)yourbestyear“. So let’s get started.

Sisterly love is something that I have enjoyed for all but six years of my life. I am six years older than my sister Carol, who I will forever call my baby sister. There seemed to always be a bond with us from the moment I laid eyes on her. You have to remember I didn’t see her until she came home from the hospital. She immediately became my baby sister. Wherever I went, whoever I talked with, we talked about “my baby sister”.

It did not matter that we were so different. It did not matter that we liked different clothes, colors, foods even movies. We were sisters and we had a bond that could not and would not be broken. We would always be there for each other.

I was 19 and she was 13 when our father had his homecoming. I remember telling mama as she made out her will that I should be the one to take care of my baby sister if something should happen to her. Never mind that we had an older brother. Needless to say, mama didn’t agree.

We’ve always been there for each other. She would come to see me while I was in college at East Texas State University (Texas A&M Commerce), and years later, I would go to see her at the same university. We both became members of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority even though our mother was a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority and all of our relatives were members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. I can remember my aunt trying to get us to pledge something else, but as sisters, we were to stay together.

When I think back of our mother going to be with our father, and waiting at the airport for my baby sister to come home, and how we knew that our bond would become even closer. We could see our parents in each other’s faces.

I’ve gone through a few medical procedures, but nothing like my baby sister has had to endure. As we listened to the doctor tell her she had breast cancer and explain what her options were we held hands.  We decided I would be the one to tell our brother of the news. At that moment I could not give my baby sister anything but prayer, and pray I did. I called on the saints at my job, at my church, my sorority and my friends. I would have done anything to help my baby sister, and I know that my prayers did help. We had been taught, and believe that our faith will get us through anything.

Today, my baby sister is a globe hopping sistah. She always has her bags packed, and ready to go at a minutes notice.

When I heard that Robin Roberts sister, Sally Ann Roberts would be her donor I knew how she felt. As a big sister, you will do anything for your baby sister. 

There is a wonderful article in More Magazine where Sally Ann talks about her sister Robin and her struggle with her health. It shows so much “sisterly love”. There is nothing like it.


God Bless you Robin.  You, Sally Ann Sally and all of your family are in our prayers–we know they work. We look forward to seeing you talking to us each morning on Good Morning America.  All who are going through something remember “thisisyourbestyear”.

Friendships Lost

I always try to write while on an airplane flight because it keeps my mind calm.  I also listen to music especially gospel when going through turbulence.  On this particular flight I began to write about friendships through the years.

Line sisters of Psi Zeta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority–members of the 12 Phases of Togetherness.

You know friendships and how they change as we live our best year.

Friends since first grade and junior high school–how many years ago was that?

I thought the process was going pretty good, and then I decided to take a break and read one of my favorite magazines–More.  While reading the latest for women of a certain age, I ran across an article written by Jacquelyn Mitchard entitled “Where Did Our Friendship Go Wrong”.  This article got me to thinking even more about friendship(s).  I will ultimately give credit where credit is due.  It is an excellent article for women who have lost a friend.   I’m not talking about death, moving away or anything like that. I ‘m talking about the feeling that occurs when the friendship just stops and no matter how hard you or the other person tries, you can’t seem to get it back.

Jacquelyn Mitchard’s article deals with what we as women of a certain age go through when a friendship dies.  I will not give away the article, but it will cause you to stop and think even if it has not happened to you.  It has not happened to me in this particular manner.

The article will make you smile, it will make you sad.  You know the feeling you had when you broke up with your one true love, but you still saw him almost every day in the hallway.

A friendship that dies is sort of like a divorce or even the death of a spouse.  You tend to have to divide friends and acquaintances.  When a divorce happens who gets what friends, who gets the church, who gets the activities that you enjoyed together (the other friends came with the activities).  When a spouse or partner dies, this couple becomes a single person and that makes all the difference in the world.  How can the friends discuss their significant other when you don’t have one.

I can’t imagine my life without certain friends, those that I see and talk to daily, and those that I see only on occasion.

We’ve been trying to climb walls since our days at East Texas State University (Texas A&M Commerce).

I can’t imagine Oprah without Gayle

Gayle and Oprah’s road trip.

or Lucy without Ethel.

Lucy and Ethel were always together.

I even thought I couldn’t imagine Jen without Evelyn (it was my guilty pleasure until last season–little too much drama for me).

Basketball wives Jen and Evelyn before Chad came into the picture.

Then again, I always thought Diana Ross and the Supremes,

Where did their love go?

Desitiny’s Child and others would always be together–not!  Almost every time I read an article on former first lady Laura Bush, she is doing something with her friends.

Former First Lady Laura bush with friends.

As we live our best year, we notice that our friendships can change and evolve.  We can have friends of different ages.  We can have our friends that we enjoy doing certain things with. It does not mean that we love our other friends any less.  I love to travel with my cousin Kaye, it does not mean that I love my other cousins any less.

Grab your coffee, tea or wine and take a look at Jacquelyn Mitchard’s  “Where Did Our Friendship Go Wrong”. Reflect on the friendships that you have lost and enjoy the ones that you have now because no matter what has happened in the past “thisisyourbestyear”.

Here is the link to this wonderful/thoughtful article:  http://www.more.com/memoir-friendship-wrong