The End Of Time–Be Prepared

Most of us are planners.  We’ve already starting planning for Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas celebrations and even what we will do and wear on New Year’s Eve.  We plan where we will take our next vacation as soon as the last one is completed.

Some of us love planning baby showers, wedding showers, retirement parties, birthday parties and of late yes, divorce parties.  We want to make it as easy for the people we are honoring as possible.  We do all the planning because we don’t want those we love to be stressed out.

What about our final preparations–yes, it’s a topic that many don’t want to think of, willbut it is one that will affect all of our loved ones after we are gone.  This is not a topic of conversation for most of us, but it should be.  It goes along with your will, and how you want to distribute your belongings. Not leaving a will can make it complicated especially if there are a lot of people involved. So why not write it down?  A will can and probably should be updated yearly or at least reviewed.

After burying both of my parents, grandparents and even a cousin I know the stress that it can put on the person(s) left in charge of making final arrangements.  In all of my cases, all of those involved with the decisions were able to decide together how we should handle the situation.

In order to make it easy for your loved ones, you can already have specific instructions for them.  You can have instructions as simple as what you would like to have at your last service.  It would be wise to write it down, and let your family know about it. They may not follow your wishes, but they have some direction as to what you wanted.

Two of my roommates from college and a couple of other friends have made all of their arrangements.  They know that their loved ones can change things, but they have funeral 6made it as simple as they could and have told them of their plans.  In fact, all of them have paid for their last service.  I’m not suggesting that you go to this length, but some may choose to.  You must be careful and read the fine print if you decide to do a pre-need as they can change from state-to-state.

Before you decide to prepay for your last service, please do the research and ask around.  Planning for the end of time is something that takes a while to plan. AARP has some very informative articles on this subject.

Is pre-need right for you–it’s up to you to decide, but whatever you do get that will prepared.  If you are not using something that you are going to leave someone in the will why not give it to them now?

Take time to talk with your family about your wishes, and then make your decision.  Remember “thisisyourbestyear”.   You have always helped your family so why not continue?

The Texas Conference For Women Is Sold Out–But!

The amazing Texas Conference for Women in Austin, Texas on November 15, 2016 is officially sold out.


As luck would have it, there may be a way to get tickets to attend this sold out event. You can put your name on a list to grab tickets if they become available. If you want to hear great speakers, be inspired, attend wonderful workshops, network with women who are on the move and so much more, you need to try as hard as possible to attend this event. To try for tickets click please let me get a ticket. Hope you are lucky!  Remember “thisisyourbestyear”.



Looking Out For Those Who Looked Out For You

One of my favorite financial columnist, Michelle Singletary recently wrote another great article.  This time the topic was about the scamming of our seniors. This is a subject that is something that I have lived through with my paternal grandmother who at the time was being taken advantage of by several solicitors.

My mother who was her daughter-in-law lived in the same town, and started to notice things were not normal, at least not normal for my grandmother.  The bank even called one day and said that my grandmother was writing checks that were not normal for her.  You may say that the teller was being nosey, but I say she was being very helpful. My grandmother always tried to go to the same teller each time she went into the bank because they would have this little conversation.

When I got to town, and checked her account, I could see that she was taking money out, and supposedly helping someone out. Both my mother and I were extremely grateful to the teller.  My grandmother was not a wealthy person, she was the type of person who stilled believed in saving certain items of clothing to wear to church and so on. I became the person who looked after her finances.

In the article Michelle talks about telephone scams, and yes most seniors still have land lines. They talk, even hold conversations with the scammers. Can you image getting a call from the IRS saying they are going to audit your account?  We, or at least we should know that this is a scam, but most seniors truly believe that they are being audited, and they want to do what is right.

Take a look at the article, and be aware of the financial activities of the seniors in your life.  Talk with them, if possible and you are close enough, take a look at bank statements?  Ask questions–why are there so many cash withdrawals?  Start a conversation and keep it going.

The link to the article is: 

In my mind, I know that we all will get to this point in life (we will be seniors), so let’s take care of our seniors, and hope we have someone to watch out for us.  Remember “thisisyourbestyear”–look out for those who looked out for you.

You can follow Michelle Singletary on Twitter: @SingletaryM.

Learning From Your Parents–Life Outside Your Job

parents 9Women of a certain age are taking in new boarders.  They have someone once again to take care of, to feed, to clothe and to watch out for.  No, I ‘m not talking about their children, I’m talking about their parents. More Baby Boomers/Generation Xers are taking care of aging parents with physical and mental illnesses than ever before.parents 6

Baby Boomers/Generation Xers have become caregivers at a time when they thought they would be on that cruise they had always dreamed of, seeing the USA in that motor home, starting new careers and even letting the grandchildren visit for a day or so and then sending them back home. 

parents 8Parents are moving into the extra bedroom that was going to become a media room, craft room, office or just a pretty bedroom that just looked pretty.  Some parents now know that their retirement income (social security) is not enough.  They worked on the same job for 30, 35, 40 even 45 years, but the pension is not nearly enough to fix up the aging homestead, travel, pay medical expenses–just live.  They didn’t invest outside of their job.  They didn’t invest money or time.  They have little money and no identity outside of their job “title”.  Baby Boomers/Generation Xers should learn from this experience, taking notes from their parents.  Even as the Boomers/Xers mature (not age), they should still be investing for the time when they no longer will be working at their full-time jobs knowing that they may not have enough to live comfortably for their rest of their lives–learning there is life outside of the job.

The Baby Boomers/Generation Xers should learn from their parents that sickness just happens even to those that have led healthy, active lives. If they are smokers, they should stop because they see the ravages it has done to their parents.

One of the major things that no one talks about is that Baby Boomers/Generation Xers should take heed to learn to live.  They parentsshould learn from their parents to expand their lives beyond their job.  They should expand friendships and acquaintances.

Learning from our parents never ceases even as we all mature.  Learning from their life lessons can help us to see our lives much better.

parents 3Remember “thisisyourbestyear”.  Parents can be your best life teachers.  You may have become the caregiver, but they are still the parent.  Treat them with respect.


Don’t Get Duped! How To Avoid Reverse Mortgage Scams According To the FBI –

As women of a certain age we know that just because something shines doesn’t mean it’s gold. Reverse mortgages sound good, but read the fine print.  Take a look at the short article below to see how some companies are scamming homeowners. You worked, saved and sacrificed for your home–it’s not just a house.  There are reputable companies and other options to assist you with your finances in retirement. Make an informed decision–research, investigate and more. Companies are being created to rob you of your home.

Remember “thisisyourbestyear”.

Don’t let emotions lead you to an unaffordable choice of college – The Washington Post

This is one of those articles that I think everyone with children or grandchildren should read. It is one of the best articles that I have read concerning financing college (and loving your children).college cost

You may not agree with Ms.Singletary, but she will have you thinking.

You can follow Ms. Singletary on Twitter: @SingletaryM or go to her website at:

Read her latest article below.

Remember “thisisyourbestyear”.

college cost 2

Oprah Comes To Texas With A Few Of Her Friends

Ms. O comes to Texas–Houston to be exact on October 17 and October 18.  She will bring her latest self-help tour to the Toyota Center. “The Life You Want Weekend” is a two-day seminar that is designed to give you the keys that are needed to live up to what you consider to be your true potential in both your personal and professional life. Along with Ms. O, there will be some of her favorite self-help people.  Even best friend Gayle may make an appearance.

For more information go to:


Remember “thisisyourbestyear”.

See you there.

Research, Review–Then Buy New Smart Phone

Thank you guys and my friends on Facebook for your input on which smart phone I should get.  I loved my HTC Inspire, but it got sick and was about to die–I had it for over 2 years, and still did not use all of the features.  I had, however, gotten to where I could do  “thisisyourbestyear” on it. It took me a while before I decided to buy the HTC Inspire, it fit my needs at the time.

HTC Inspire

That’s how I am; I don’t just go out and get something because it is  new.  I try to make purchases that make sense because I know I will keep whatever it is  for a while.

Cell phone 3Once upon a time we purchased phones because of the way they looked, since they basically did the same things.  I had to have Motorola Razr in red of course.  I really didn’t care what it could do–it looked good.  It still looks good to me.

Now purchasing a smart phone is like purchasing a car (Big White, my car has over 180,000 miles and I’m praying for another 20,000).   You must make an informed choice.  Phones today do this and that, but what are you going to use the phone for?

I’m going to use my phone for everything. I wanted something that was a cross between a tablet, laptop and cell phone. Since just about everything can be done electronically, I know I must keep up-to-date.  I still have my Dell PC which sits on my desk with my comfy chair, and my cute Dell XPS 13 laptop which I truly love. 

I decided after much research on the Samsung Galaxy Note II.  It has everything and way more than I want–I love the keyboard.  I haven’t had it long enough to tell you all the bells and whistles that it has, but the ones that I have played with are just great.

Galaxy Note 2--4As time goes on I will keep you informed on how well the Galaxy Note II and I are doing.  I know that real soon there will be a Galaxy Note III, IV and even V and beyond.   This does not matter to me because I purchase for the long run; just because they make it, I don’t have to be the first on the block to have it. 

Remember “thisisyourbestyear”.  Make informed decisions–as stated before as women of a certain age, we must watch our finances.

Finances and Fashion

As a woman of a certain age I have learned to watch my finances. When I go on a trip I don’t buy the first thing that catches my attention.  While vacationing with the hubby in Hot Springs, Arkansas I ran across these scarves that I liked. In fact I saw the scarves in two different versions. Take a look at them below.   The scarf below seems a little bit more casual than some of the others that I found.

jewelry scarves 1

After looking at them, I found that the jewelry did not always need to be exactly the same.  As you can see with the one below, the sides are different.


This one is softer. Either one is lovely, it is what you prefer when choosing items to wear.  As women of a certain age, we don’t need things just hanging in the closet or folded in the drawer somewhere. We have so many other things to do with our money.

jewelry scarves 3

Above is another example of the lighter fabric scarf. I liked them all. As I stated before, I watch my finances. I have decided that my sorority sister/workout buddy and I can make these.  We are always trying to do something different.  How hard can it be?

making jewelry scarves

I love the one below, and it seems really simple to make. It should be a lot of fun trying my hand at this. If making them doesn’t work out, at least I got a few friends together for a little “girl talk” which is always fun.

jewelry scarves 2

We all have costume jewelry and scarves just sitting there from years gone by. I have scarves that I have never worn, and I also have those that I wore the first time they were popular–you know how long ago that has been. There is jewelry that I purchased because for some reason that I can’t think of now I just had to have it. There is that necklace that my youngest purchased from Santa’s Secret Workshop in elementary school. You know items that mean a lot, but you don’t wear anymore and you can’t part with.costume jewelry 2This will become my new project. If you like the scarf idea and would rather purchase them here are the two places in Hot Springs, Arkansas that carry them. You can find both places on Facebook. They have other wonderful items also. I did purchase a Pretty Angel dress in green that I wear as a top over my white jeans. Hey I got the idea from LisaRaye.

Remember “thisisyourbestyear”, and watch your finances.

Scarves can be found at Chez Julie’ Gifts and Petals, Purses, Etc., in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  They are both on Facebook and will ship.