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Give Your Valentine The Gift Of A Healthy Heart

February is the time to give your sweetheart something that says you care about them–candy, flowers, jewelry, and other things. In this era of Covid 19, give them the gift of health.  If you are between sweethearts, then gift yourself.

February is American Heart Month. The gifts you give can be in addition to the other goodies, and they don’t cost a thing–you can’t beat free. The gift of a healthy heart can start with the three gifts below.

  • Begin healthy eating habits. Eliminate soda or at least cutback, and drink water instead. If you must have soda then do regular soda. If you drink one or more diet sodas a day, your chances of having a heart attack are about 43% higher than those who drink regular soda or none at all.
  • Get active. It’s more fun to exercise with someone. Try walking, jogging, or doing a YouTube video.  If all else fails try dancing. You can dance all by yourself and have fun doing it.
  • Watch the weight. If you just do the first two items above, the weight will start to take care of itself.

These three simple steps will get your sweetheart and you started on your way to being heart healthy. Take a few moments to go to the American Heart Association to learn more about the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Remember “thisisyourbestyear”.  Wear red on Friday, February 5 to show your support of the awareness of heart disease.



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