Bob Schieffer–It Ended Where It Started

All I can say is “WOW”.  I always like the Schieffer Symposiums that are held at Texas Christian University (TCU).  Bob Schieffer is a proud alumnus of the school, and the school of communication bears his name.

Each year he brings a distinguished panel of journalists to talk about events.  This year he brought in some of the big guns. The panelists included Dan Balz, political correspondent, The Washington Post; Gayle King, co-anchor, CBS This Morning and editor-at-large, O, The Oprah Magazine; P.J. O’Rourke, political satirist, author and journalist; and Holly Williams, CBS News foreign correspondent. Since this is a blog for and about women of a certain age, Gayle King and Holly Williams were high on my list to hear their comments and stories.

No one disappointed, there was talk from careers to answering questions that some thought sexist, to politics, and to the world in general.  There were serious moments, and moments that kept everyone in stitches.

Just as they bought the microphones out for the question and answer period, Mr. Schieffer informed the audience that the program had completed, but he was still talking. He began telling us about how his career started in Fort Worth at his alma mater , Texas Christian University.

As his voice broke it was apparent that something was about to happen.  I for one don’t believe in luck.  I believe that God puts you in the right place if you listen to him.  Well, bless my soul, I was in that place as Bob Schieffer informed Fort Worth first that he would be retiring in the summer of 2015. There were no tears, there was quiet, there was laughter and applause.  There was also an understanding that one knows when it is time to leave the stage.

After the symposium, Mr. Schieffer and the other panelists before heading to Joe T. Garcia’s, a local favorite, signed autographs, took pictures, and laughed even more.  I did however, tell Gayle King that I would have bought her the best cake in the area if she had only answered my Tweet.

The symposium has always been very good, but this one put the cherry on the cake.  Mr. Schieffer made us all know that “thisisyourbestyear”.

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  • edwinaputney
    April 11, 2015 at 8:26 am

    I will miss him. Scott Pelley interviewed him on CBS Evening News about his announcement. Two Texans discussing his illustrious past and his knowing that it was time to leave on his terms, not when others push you out. Dignity.

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