» Don’t Tell Me I Look Good “For My Age” Anne About Town

Love this one, and you should too.


Remember “thisisyourbestyear”, and you look good!

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This is my best year ever, and it can be yours too. When I turned 40, I thought it was the end of life as I knew it. When I turned 50, I knew it was the end. It was the end, the end of that year--nothing more and nothing less. I've retired, gone to another career, started a business, and have kept writing. I've taken classes including glass blowing, swing dancing and so much more. I'm making each year, my best year.

4 thoughts on “» Don’t Tell Me I Look Good “For My Age” Anne About Town

  1. “Young lady” is the one that riles me. My nearly 90-yr mom and I were at a business last night. The 20-something clerk as ‘What can I do for you young ladies?’ I wanted to jack him, but didn’t. I knew he meant it as a compliment, not an insult. Don’t get me wrong, young was good–in its way. But this is good, too.

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