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Exercising & Genital Care

Very informative article for women, especially women of a certain age. Remember “thisisyourbestyear”.

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Spring brings with it a renewed energy for exercising, indoors or outdoors.  Swimming, cycling, Zumba-ing, running, power walking, etc., — all sporting activities should include proper genital care to prevent irritation.  It would be a shame to forgo working out because of the fear of ‘how will my genitals/vulva/vagina react…’

For water sports, you’d want to consider the drying effect of treated (chemicals) water in pools or salty waters in the ocean.  Using a vaginal moisturizer (i.e. Replens, RepHresh, Vagisil Moisturizer, etc.) at bedtime post-swim is an easy solution.  You may also want to avoid sitting for hours in a hot, sweaty bathing suit, a dark and moist environment that may be a breeding ground for a yeast infection.

If your choice activity includes sitting on a surface for a long while, such as cycling, biking, horseback riding, rowing, gym machines, etc., you may want to prevent…

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