Celebrating All the Time–It’s my Birthday

I can’t believe it, but it is here again, my birthday.  For all of you who dread birthdays, get over it.  Oh, at one time I did.  It is amazing how much birthdays’ can change our demeanor.  Remember the excitement of turning “13”–you were officially a teenager; you were no longer a little child.  Then when 16 happened, you thought the world had opened up for you.  In my case it was dating–even though no one asked me out, it was the thought that counted.

At the age of 18 we were graduating high school, joining the military, getting married, going to college and so much more.  We were grown and still happy with birthdays.  The age of 21 gave us the right to drink legally back then, and of course we were really happy–cheap wine was to be had.  Even the ages of 24, 25 and even up to 29 were happy times.  Then for women the dreaded age of 30 appeared.  Women were now about to become their mothers.  We were never the same.  With each decade, we let society tell us what to do.  Well all I can say is STOP IT!!  Remember “thisisyourbestyear”.

My good friend Avis always says when you can wake up, it’s a good day.  My former pastor, Rev. Jerome B. Price always said if you can look in the mirror and know who is looking back at you it’s a good day.

This year I have come to a conclusion, and I have made a plan.  I will celebrate the entire year, and next year on October 2, I will start the process again.  My plan includes learning something new every month.  I know I learn something each month, but now it will be intentional.  I will  sign up for a class, go to a seminar, read a book, go to an exhibit–I will learn something.

I will use everything that is in my house.  I hate paper plates.  When we look in the cabinet and the everyday dishes are not there, we will reach up and grab the “good” china.  Save it for what–“thisisyourbeswtyear”, and it is my birthday–so it is special.

I will wear everything that is not too little in my closet or get rid of it.  It may be to big now, but that’s what they make pins for.

I am going for an unexpected getaway.  I’m going to see a special in the paper and just pack and go.

I am going to pamper myself with any and everything a spa can offer.

To celebrate more I’m going to cook Saturday brunch for my family so that we can all be together and so they can go home after about 3 hours (love them though).

I’m going to play more, and laugh way more than before–why, because it’s my birthday.

This year the little girl born in the piney woods of Longview is truly a woman of a certain age.  Happy Birthday to me.

If I could tell the little girl at the top of the page one thing it would be: “thisisyourbestyear” no matter what age–enjoy the ride, it goes fast.

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