Double Duty

It is one of those days–you know how it is, you have a lot to do at work, it’s another workout day and your hair appointment is two days off.  So what is a girl to do?  I look to alternative hair that is also my alternative hair for exercising–I learned that from Wendy Williams.  This alternative hair has to look good enough for work and functional enough for exercising. Not all alternative hair can pull double duty.


On my way to work with alternative double duty hair, a little Bobbi Brown Bronzing Power in Deep 4, Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Crimson and a little mascara that you can’t see. I am ready for work and exercise.



At the end of my workout.  I did brush my alternative hair.  I can reapply my lipstick and now stop by the supermarket without scaring the little children.  As women of a certain age, we don’t control much, but we can control how we look and feel.  Let’s exercise, and don’t let our hair be our excuse because “thisis(our)yourbestyear”.

Stroke or Headache?

At church Sunday I had to wear one of my alternative hair styles.  I decided on my newest Pixie Sherri Shepherd style. After braiding my hair then putting on my new wig cap and alternative hair I was out and ready for church.

Sitting in church my head begain to feel tight. It didn’t actually hurt,  but something was not right. A little later I started to have a tinge bit of a headache. I excused myself and went to the ladies room. It seemed as if my head was getting bigger–it just felt tight.  The alternative hair seemed to be fitting right except it felt tight around the crown of my head.  I thought as I looked in the mirror that maybe I could see stroke symptoms in my eyes, but I couldn’t.

I made it through service and raced to my car. There would be no fellowshiping after church. Each traffic light caught me as I raced home to the Aleve bottle.

As I turned into the garage I put my finger under the front of the alternative hair.  At that moment I knew I was not having a stroke. I hit the garage opener and drove in. As the door started to close I immediately took off the cute Pixie and the new wig cap with the extra wide band.

It was the wig cap band that was making my head feel like a rubber band was around it. I thanked God for no stroke and immediately found the old wig cap. Sometimes well worn is more comfortable than new.

Remember “thisisyourbestyear”.

Always Have A Plan B


Ladies some days our lifelong friend Hair does not feel like going to work. No amount of brushing, patting or braiding will do. Ms Hair wants to rest for a while. It happened to me today so I asked one of her cousins, Alternative Hair who I affectionately call Wig with Bangs to go to work with me. She accepted and happily waved goodbye to her other cousins, Short and Blond, Long and Flowing, Curly and the others. Ladies always have a Plan B because “thisisyourbestyear”, and you don’t want to miss any of it.