Cause I’m Happy (State Fair Of Texas)

My day at the State Fair of Texas was something that made me happy.  It was drama free.  The weather was perfect. We parked our car at a parking lot across from the TRE (Trinity Railroad Express) downtown Ft. Worth (at the Intermodal Center) and caught the train.  We enjoyed our ride along with others going to the fair on a very clean and comfortable train.  The train let us off at Victory Center @ American Airlines Center where we caught another train that dropped us off at entrance to the fair.  At the gate we presented the attendants with our Coke product, got our discount coupon for entrance to the fair for $6 and we were off to say hello to Big Tex who does look a bit younger.  The fairway was clean, not too many people, and everything looked new.  Most importantly the grease was new for all the fried foods.

As the pictures will show, I found what makes me really happy–Fletcher’s Corny Dogs (hint, hint, don’t stop at the one at the entrance, it is too crowded.  There are several more inside the fair, and the one in the children’s area seems to be the least busiest.

After riding one ride, walking many miles and enjoying the sights, we boarded our train back to Victory Center @ American Airlines Center, caught our train back to Fort Worth and made it back home in time for the evening new, and I was happy!!

Remember, “thisisyourbestyear”.  Enjoy and be happy.

State Fair Of Texas And Food

I’m channeling Pharrell Williams and we are singing “because I’m happy”.  It is State Fair of Texas Time, and I am ready,  I’ve waited for this day, and I am starting to count down the days until I can be happy!!!

After I walk in and speak to Big Tex, I can walk right pass all of the fried foods in the fair to get to the one thing that is on my mind.  I will slather my food of choice with mustard, drink something carbonated and be HAPPY!!

My food of choice is not fried Coke, fried butter, fried Oreo or even funnel cake–it is the original State Fair of Texas corny dog–Fletcher’s.  Do not, I repeat, do not let them try to sell you a knockoff corny dog, they are there, but continue to walk until you find the original. You must eat a Fletcher’s corny dog with mustard.  It is absolutely the best. Sing with me Pharrell. . . . . . .


Remember “thisisyourbestyear”.  Why not eat the best?