You Said It, Not Me! (You Were Going To Get In Shape This Year)

Yes, you did.  You made that resolution to get fit for the New Year, but you hate the gym.  You even thought about walking, but then the weather is either too cold or too hot, and it gets dark too early.  So then you decided to buy a video or just watch one on your local cable network, but when you get tired you quit.  So you are in the same place you were last year.  You are dreading that cousin’s wedding because you are not in shape, and your hubby doesn’t dance so all you have to look forward to is “good” wedding cake (seriously, if your cake is bad, I am mad at you).

I have found a solution to both of your problems.  While getting ready for work one morning, I turned the television to Good Morning Texas and heard about 410 Line Dancers,  The hosts of the show were talking about high energy dancing for exercising.  They mentioned the “Wobble” which is one of the 2 dances that I do know, but I never thought of it as a workout.  Then I saw Isha Hutchinson and members of his class take to the floor.  Yes, it was the “Wobble” that I know, but he took it to a new level–one that does give you a work out. It was the “Wobble” that you do at that wedding and/or that class reunion with more intensity.  I was able to locate a video of Mr. Hutchinson teaching one of his classes.  Take a look below at Mr. Hutchinson teaching the “Wobble” and the “Chuck Baby” which is a new one for me.  At the 410 Line Dancers classes you can learn as many as 70 different line dances. 

dance 3
Isha Hutchinson, owner/instructor 410 Line Dancers

Mr. Hutchinson has been dancing for a little over 10 years, but has been in the entertainment field for most of his life.  Even though  female participants are in the majority of classes, he encourages  males to attend.  Make it a date night.  He has held private events for anniversary parties and other private events.

Classes are held at The Sandunga Dance Studio located at  2155 Marsh Lane Carrollton, TX 75006.  You can read more about the classes which go from beginner to advanced at their website at: You can also see Mr. Hutchinson teaching on Good Morning Texas on the site.

By attending these classes you can get fit and learn to dance.  You will be able to get into the right dress for that class reunion, and dance in it too. Line dancers come in all sizes and ages.  You put as much as you want into it to get the results that “you” want.

Remember “thisisyourbestyear” so why not learn something new while getting fit.  Bring your significant other or your best girlfriends for a fun night out.

Going It Alone

Sometimes you have to go it alone. You have to entertain yourself. While visiting Oklahoma City I found myself in that situation. I am sure that I could have found wonderful ladies whose husband’s were also.attending the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity meeting to go with me, but I was the walking wounded because of my fall a couple of nights before and walking a tad bit slow.

After resting my foot for a day and having only one full day left I was off to see “something”. I had visited the Riverwalk and  the beautiful and powerful National Museum before. While enjoying breakfast I talked with a local *artist (waiter) about the artsy side of town–Paseo. The bellman hailed a cab for me and off I went. As luck would have it my cab driver was the local history expert, and my cab ride was.a wonderful history lesson. As soon as he turned the corner I knew that I would have an enjoyable afternoon.

Below are some of the beautiful sites of The Paseo Arts District. The artwork is beautiful and interesting, but more important, the gallery owners were so nice. They were eager to give you the history of the art and artist.  One of my favorite places was the Jann Jeffrey Gallery–we had a lot in common.  We both had lived in East Texas so we had a lot to talk about.

Sometimes you have to go it alone, and enjoy “your” company.  Remember “thisisyourbestyear”.


Some of the places that I visited were:

Summerwine Art Gallery @

Ladies & Gentlemen Fine Millinery Shop @

I visited so many others, and you can read and see more about the Paseo Arts District @

*The waiter that gave me the idea to go to the Paseo District is an artist, you can see his work @

**I did purchase a piece by White Antelope at Summerwine Art Gallery.  You can see more of White Antelope’s work @

Be Open–Be Informed

As women of a certain age, we tend to settle.  In one one word–Don’t.  Always be open to learning. Always be open to meeting new people.


Learning will keep the mind sharp. Take a class or go to a seminar. There are tons of free seminars about everything from taking care of parents to swing dancing.


Meet new people. Learn from them. I met some beautiful women at the Omega Psi Phi Ninth District Conference in Baton Rouge,  Louisiana.


I found soneone to hang out with in Dallas Fort Worth, and someone that is
putting together a cruise for girlfriends. Yes, I have put it on my calendar.

Life, learning nor making new friends should stop at 25. Remember “thisisyourbestyear”. Enjoy every moment.