Mega Bus Give Away

Mega Bus is giving away free tickets–honestly!! You must travel in January and February. I had so much fun on my trip to San Antonio, Texas on the Mega Bus (take a look at the posts about the trip). I went on the site and got 4 roundtrip tickets to Houston for 80 cents. You heard me 80 cents. The tickets were free!! In the promo code you must type TRYMEGABUS.

The site is

Great for a girls weekend!!

Mega Bus Traveling Part 2


Leaving Austin. Made it in a little over three hours. About the same as driving. It has been nice and still very quiet. Young lady across from me said to rent a car.was going to cost her about $75. The Mega Bus was less than $20 round trip. She has slept most of the way. We are near UT campus picking up students. Still not crowded.

Traveling by Mega Bus


Inside the Mega Bus headed to San Antonio with college roommate Avis to meet up with Diana another college roommate. Going to Jazz’SAlive free jazz concerts. Will let you know how the ride is. So far it is really nice. It left on time, very clean, quiet and cheap. Round trip cost us about $30. It would have been less if we booked earlier or wanted to come back later Sunday. Only stopping once in Austin. Gonna read for a while–Avis already sleep. Will update.