Well I Never

I am a cat person through and through. I adore them. I think I like them because they basically don’t need a lot of attention.

My youngest has become a dog person. She has given us what will probably be the closest to a grandchild that we will get from her.  She has given us Sheba.

Well Sheba had to be taken to the emergency room on Sunday because she decided to eat something that was not meant for consumption. She was given a sedative and had ex rays taken. After viewing them the doctor let her go home.

My baby carried her baby up the stairs and let her sleep off the sedative.  She got to sleep in a chair that she normally can’t get on.

As I was leaving church I was invited to come over to see how Sheba was doing. Back in the day I would not have gone, but on this day this cat lover went to see her baby and her baby’s baby to make sure they were both okay–they were. Remember “thisisyourbestyear”.


Sheba sleeping off sedative.