Honey’s Baby Part 3


About 2 AM my front door opened. I heard feet running to disarm the alarm and heard, “Mom it’me”. His mother had decided to come and be with her baby. For the next hour I gave a blow by blow description of “our” day. Then his dad who had decided to continue the class reunion activities calls to see if they are both okay. She relayed the daily activities to him, and finally we went to bed. Now moms resting at about 10:40 AM and Joey and Honey are up and going. Honey is enoying the moment because “thisis(my)yourbestyear”.

Honey’s Baby Part 2






We went to visit his aunt who has a dog. He and the dog had too much fun. Our next stop was to get something to eat. I even let him sit on the floor in front of the tv. I sat with him; we talked and talked. Our next step was a bath. We should have bathed first, but I am the grandparent–I know which battles to fight. After a movie and prayers he was off to sleep. Thisisyour(my)bestyear.

Honey’s Baby

I am not a rocking grandmother. I first heard that from my mother, and I now know what she meant. As  women of a certain age we are often thought of as babysitters for every occasion–not so. 

Having said that I have a date this weekend with the cutest grandchild in the world–mine. 


Joey and Honey (that’s me) are going to have so much fun this weekend. I enjoy my time with my baby on my time.

Remember “thisisyourbestyear”. Enjoy your grandchildren, make your time with them special.

Always Have A Plan B


Ladies some days our lifelong friend Hair does not feel like going to work. No amount of brushing, patting or braiding will do. Ms Hair wants to rest for a while. It happened to me today so I asked one of her cousins, Alternative Hair who I affectionately call Wig with Bangs to go to work with me. She accepted and happily waved goodbye to her other cousins, Short and Blond, Long and Flowing, Curly and the others. Ladies always have a Plan B because “thisisyourbestyear”, and you don’t want to miss any of it.

A Long Hot Bath–Heaven on Earth

As a woman of a certain age it seems I am always on the go.  Well I decided I needed some time to take care of me by doing something that I knew would make me feel better.  I was going to do something that I had not done in a while, something that would make me feel like more than a million dollars–I was going to take a long, hot, uninterrupted, relaxing bath.  I was going to fill the tub with enough hot water to cover the jets, and lay back and enjoy.

As I prepared to enjoy this time, excitement was building.  I had to have the correct products, heck I was even going to give myself a facial and even give my teeth a treatment.  There would be time for everything.  I had to get the fluffiest towels, fluffy enough to make a nice pillow for my head so that I could really relax.  First things first, I was going to brush my teeth and then wash my face so that I would not have to leave the tub once I started.

This was going to be my time to think about nothing.  I was going to listen, but not talk and/or clutter my mind.  I was going to lay there and enjoy.  Each time the water started to get a little cool I was going to run a little more hot water.  Closing my eyes and listening to the silence was just about heaven.  The jets can give a pretty good massage.

After about a half an hour, I started the process of exfoliation using one of my Tuesday Morning clearance finds–Bath Bloomers Hibiscus Loutron Buffing Grains.  This product is wonderful, it not only exfoliates, it hydrates too, there will be no need to lotion up after this. (You must clean tub bottom thoroughly because it will be slippery after using this product.)

You know I have to have my Kirk’s Castile Soap.  I don’t do bubble baths because they seem to irritate.  I then take the little syringe and place a little Opalescence into the tray to keep the pearly whites white.  Then I proceed to paint my face with Dermalogica intensive Moisture Masque.

All of the products that I use are for hydrating the skin.  As a woman of a certain age, I have found that my skin needs more moisture.  After about ten or fifteen more minutes, it is now time to come back to the world.  After drying off and putting on my favorite pj’s (yes in the middle of the day  I am putting on pj’s), I wash my face and then brush my teeth to remove the whitening solution.  Yes, my hair looks a mess, but I don’t care.  I comb it back, go to the fridge, pour a glass of wine, grab a magazine, go to the sunroom and enjoy the rest of the day.

Take some time to enjoy yourself–“thisisyourbestyear”.