I Wear Red

Wear your red on Friday, February 5, 2016 to show your support in stamping out heart disease in women. Show your support by posting your picture on social media. In Tarrant County, Texas use the hashtags #GoRedTC and #TCHeart. Check your local area for their hashtags –you can use the one’s for Tarrant County.  Let’s cover the world in red on Friday, February 5, 2016

imageRemember “thisisyourbestyear”!

What You Get In A Room Of Outstanding Women–Knowledge

It is amazing what you can get when you have a room full of outstanding women networking and learning from each other.  The Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce did exactly that at the beautiful Fort Worth Club in downtown Fort Worth.  It seemed liked everyone was there–including Fort Worth mayor Betsy Price.

This amazing program was put on by what the Fort Worth Chamber calls one of their small groups–Women Influencing Business which by the turnout is no longer a small group.  Women Influencing Business made the most of time and space by presenting two excellent programs in the span of a few knowledge filled hours.

The first part of the program was a panel (Staying on Top of Your Game!) with a question and answer section moderated by the groups’ chairperson, Anne Holland and featured three great speakers:

  • Mayor Betsy Price, Mayor of Fort Worth
  • Susan Nix, Founder of Susan Nix Consulting Group
  • Leah King, Vice President & Marketing Director of Northstar Bank

During the luncheon, just as women do–we multitasked by networking and listening to a very informative speaker–Dr. Rachel Croson of the University of Texas at Arlington.  Dr. Croson spoke on Women and Negotiation (You’ve Got the Power!).

The networking was contagious and continued even into the valet line.  Women Influencing Business had indeed gotten their message across.

Remember “thisisyourbestyear”!  Stay on top of your game, and you do have the power!


No Appointment–Knock On The Door Anyway

I met a beautiful woman of a certain age (Karen Fleming) by chance while working an employment fair.  While talking with her I learned that she was a retired Master Sergeant, and had recently finished interior design school. She is one of those artsy people who see the big picture where I just see a chair.


Karen Flemming and I
Karen and I at our first meeting at employment fair

Her story is one that shows that we as women can make our dreams come true no matter the obstacles or the little bumps in the world.  Karen worked full time while going to school.  She was determined that interior design would be in  her future. We talked about our dreams, and how we had prepared for them.

Karen’s story is one where you prepare and then you go for it.  You make your own opportunities.  Karen’s good friend, Tracy took her to lunch to celebrate her birthday and to have girl talk–they are both interior designers and former military.  They had talked of starting a business together–decorating business.  Her friend mention Decorating Den and Lisa Landry who is the franchise owner in Arlington, Texas. Tracy had been following Lisa’s work, and was very impressed and wanted to meet her, but she could never get in touch with her.

Karen, being the go getter she is decided they should just go to Decorating Den and knock on the door (Opportunity), which they did–under a sign that stated “By Appointments Only”.  As Opportunity would have it, everyone was at lunch except you guessed it Lisa Landry, who let them in, and talked with them about Decorating Den and the opportunities there were in franchising.

Soon after meeting with Ms. Landry, they begin the process of interviewing to become franchise owners, even presenting a project to Lisa. After hearing the ins and outs, the commitment, the financing and everything else that it takes to obtain a franchise they decided this was not for them, but design and decorating were still their goals.

A few days later, as Opportunity would have it, Ms. Landry called and offered them both positions as decorators with her franchise–they had made the best of being prepared and able to answer when Opportunity  opens the door Karen’s passion is being creative.  They were both hired, and the rest is going to be history.

Remember “thisisyourbestyear”.  Always be prepared, you never know when Opportunity will open the door. Notice how much brighter Karen’s smile is in the photos from Decorating Den.  When you do what you love, you love what you do.


What Would Martin Think–WWMT

This article was written by me, and is printed in the January 2016 issue of the FORT WORTH BLACK NEWS on page 8.

As a woman of a certain age, I remember the assassination of Dr. King.  I remember the struggle that he died for.  I wonder would Martin think that his sacrifice was worth it?

What would Martin Luther King, Jr. think of the state of Black America if he were alive today? I’m not talking about the tragic events of Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice and others. I’m talking about the day to day situations that we as Black Americans find ourselves in.

What would Martin think about the senseless killings—black on black killings? What would he think of the horrible way babies are executed to get even with their parents? What would he think of students on their way home from school being fatally shot? What would Martin think of gunfire breaking out as mourners leave a funeral? Would he think his sacrifice was worth it?

WWMT of the educational situation of Black America as he sees that others coming to this country with nothing but the clothing on their backs, unable to speak English and yet and still they excel in education, and in finding employment? Albeit their starting employment may be even less than entry level, but in a few years, they have become managers, even successful entrepreneurs. WWMT when he sees Black America whine about others taking our jobs, but doing nothing to improve the situation? Would he think his family’s sacrifice was worth it?

WWMT when he sees that the things that have increased in numbers since his death are ones that no none should take no pride in– we have grown in the onset of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. What would he think–that we know better, but we don’t do better? WWMT of the family situation of Black America where children grow up never knowing their father, where father’s never step up to the plate, where we are in a family where our siblings all have different fathers. Would he think his sacrifice was worth it?

WWMT of Black America when we complain that the president of the United States has not done anything for us? What would he think of a people who still do not vote, yet we think we have the right to complain? Would he think his sacrifice was worth it? WWMT of parents who allow children to disrespect authority at home, in school and in society? WWMT when our children are raised not honoring their parents, because parents have never taught them the meaning of respect? Would he think his sacrifice was worth it?

Would Martin be proud that one day a year, we say the “I Have A Dream Speech”, but we don’t live it the rest of the year? I am sure he is proud of the Oprah’s, President Obama’s, Colin Powell’s and others, but what about the majority of Black America? Would he think his sacrifice was worth it?

Would Martin sit with Harry T. Moore and his wife (killed on Christmas morning), Medgar Evers (gunned down in his driveway), Malcolm X (killed in front of his wife) and others wondering if their sacrifices were worth the progress that has been made? Would they think that leaving their children fatherless, and in some instances motherless also was worth their sacrifice? Would Martin think he was a drum major for a band that does not practice what it preaches? What Would Martin Think of Black America today? Would he think it was all worth it? WWMT?

Remember “thisisyourbestyear”–Sacrifices were made for all of us.

Free Women’s Health And Wellness Event

Check your local areas for free health events. This women’s health event will offer free health screenings, cooking demonstrations, fitness demonstrations, health panels and more.


 RSVP at 1.800.4BAYLOR/BaylorScottandWhite.com/FWFL

Event Location: 1400 Eighth Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76104

Start your day off by learning about your health


Happy New Year–No Resolutions For The New Year–Just A Confession–A Satire–Kind Of Sorta

I think it is important that I always be honest with my readers so it is time to tell you about why I kept falling for him.  I have asked for forgiveness many times, and it’s been hard.  It’s been hard because I always go back to him except this last time.  I have not been with him for about 5 years, and yes I do think of him, and sometimes even get a whiff of a scent that reminds me of him, but he is off limits.

One day as I was driving down the street when out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of him.  I immediately gripped the steering wheel tighter and stared straight forward.  He saw me, I know he did because on the way back he was there again smiling.

He even called to me.  Telling me things that I did not want to hear.  He told me that he knew I missed him–truth be told, I still do.  Then he reminded me of how we would sit on the couch, drink coffee and watch old black and white movies.  He even reminded me that I liked him better when he was warm to the touch.

I tried not to answer, but I did.  Telling him that I wasn’t the same person that I was back then, I had grown, and now I knew better than to be with him. He wanted to know if I remembered how he tasted, Lawd, yes I did.  He was the sweetest thing, and probably the best thing that I had ever tasted. I could have him for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It seems strange, but we reminisced about when our relationship started.  It started in Longview, Texas many years ago (a long time ago), and had continued on for many years. He and I had lost contact because he and I had both moved. Now I hear that he his moving to my neighborhood, and I pray that I will not be tempted.

Shipley Donuts

Damn you Shipley Donuts.  I confess that I truly love you, but I think (99%) our time together has passed.  I’ll pass by and wave wishing you the best. Welcoming you to the neighborhood because I am very neighborly.

As women of a certain age, there are just somethings that are better left alone.  Remember “thisisyourbestyear”, and what taste good may not be good for you or at least that’s what my grandmother would say.  She probably never had a Shipley Donut.


Remember “thisisyourbestyear”!