Christmas With Ms. Darlene Love

The amazing Ms. Darlene Love is doing Christmas in Texas.  This woman of a certain age is about to show Texas what real “singing” is.  On December 2, 2014 Darlene will bring her vocal talents to the Eisemann Center for the Performing Arts located in Richardson, TX (next to Dallas).  The Eisemann Center is a beautiful venue for an intimate concert.

It seems that we’ve always heard Ms. Love singing even when she was not given credit for her vocals.  We remember seeing her singing in numerous girl groups. She has one of those voices that when you heard it, you immediately knew who it belonged to.  For a number of years (about 21), she has been the reason that many people tune in to the David Letterman Show during the Christmas Holidays where she serenades David and us with “Baby Please Come Home”.

My friends and I will be sitting front and center in Richardson, TX to hear a talent that gets better with age.  I hope she is ready for one big happy sing-a-long.

As David Letterman goes into retirement, I hope that another late night host invites Ms. Love to sing on any day, but especially during Christmas–it’s one of my traditions–singing along with her. To find out if Ms. Love is coming near you go to:

Remember thisisyourbestyear”!  See you at the concert!

*If you have not seen her in the movie “20 Feet From Stardom”, make it a point to see it.

Thanksgiving Traditions

Everybody has a holiday tradition that they do.  Some involve rituals, some it’s the food they eat on that particular day.

Every Thanksgiving for the last say 15 years, my friends, sister, husband—whoever doesn’t go out of town—we do the Turkey Trot without fail.  We get up, sometimes we have to bundle up, sometimes it’s so warm we strip down (smile).

We’ve done the 10K, but for the most part we do the 5K.  It’s a lot of fun with all the people out and about.

After we finish the race, we’re off for another tradition—our stop at the neighborhood Starbucks for coffee and conversation.

Getting up doing the race seems to get us going.  We make it home before 10:30, and in time for some of the parades that are on television.

What are some of your Thanksgiving traditions?  Share them with us!

Remember “thisisyourbestyear”.   Looking forward to hearing your traditions!

Holiday Success!

Glam Galore’s Ms. Navie Hughes, the creative force behind Holiday Bazaar 2014 received an early Christmas present in the form of a successful endeavor.  The Holiday Bazaar allowed local business entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services all in one convenient location made possible by the creative, entrepreneurial mind of Navie Hughes.

The bazaar resembled your finest shopping mall with music, speakers and door prizes.  The bazaar had everything from clothing, to jewelry, health products, hair care products, beauty products, massages, fitness information and DVD’s and so much more.  It seemed that no one left empty-handed.

In addition to shopping, the customers and vendors were able to make donations to a worthy cause.  Toys were donated to Jonathan’s PlaceJonathan’s Place strives to provide a safe place for children who have been abused, abandoned or neglected. You can learn more about Jonathan’s Place at:

In case you missed this shopping experience, Ms. Hughes will host another event in the spring.  Take a look at the sites of Holiday Bazaar 2014 below. Remember “thisisyourbestyear”.

A Conference For And About Women

All I can say about the Texas Conference For Women is OUTSTANDING!  It was one of the most outstanding events that I have ever attended. There was something for every woman, no matter what age, education level, lifestyle and more.  It was amazing.

For me it was a win, win situation.  I was able to cover this event, but I was also able to get up-to-date information to take back TEXAS CONFERENCE OPRAHto my students at my day job. It was a day filled with many presentations, workshops, networking and much more. I was not able to get to some of the things that I wanted to see and hear because I was working, and working was fun. To make this event even more special, I was able to work with a photographer that I first met in Houston during the Oprah’s, The Life You Want Weekend–Ms. Melissa Fontenette-Mitchell, the owner of North Star Photography in Cedar Park, Texas. 

I was able to interview three of the most outstanding women I have ever met.  They were so different, but I found myself having so much in common with all three.

TEXAS CONFERENCE INTERVIEWI was able to interview Ms. Cathy Benavides who writes a blog about plus size style called “Austin Slave to Fashion”.  Ms. Benavides was just beautiful.  She started her blog because her friends were tired of her talking about the problems plus sized women had when trying to find beautiful, stylish clothing.  I loved her advice to all women.  She tells all women to ask themselves what makes you feel beautiful, and go from there.

My second interview came from Ms. Amanda Quraishi, who is a blogger, TEXAS CONFERENCE AMANDA QURAISHIinterfaith activist and technology professional. She had me at the word interfaith.  We talked about her blogging, the reaction to her from men in the world of faith– we talked a lot about working together in faith.

TAMARA MELLONI never in a million years thought that I would be able to land an interview with the former chief creative officer of Jimmy Choo–Ms. Tamara Mellon who is now the founder of  the TAMARA MELLON brand, and in competition with yes, you guessed it–Jimmy Choo.  There I was in my Sofft shoes (very comfortable and stylish) interviewing the queen of shoes. It was like talking fashion and life with your best girlfriend.  We even talked about shoes.  And to all my friends and followers who sent me their shoe sizes, she was not giving away samples.

Below are some of the sites from the Texas Conference For Women 2014 featuring Texas First Lady Anita Perry, journalist Soledad O’Brien, Diana Nyad and many others.  Enjoy and remember “thisisyourbestyear”.

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Shopping For A Cause

As a woman of a certain age, I like gifts that are unique.  Something that you probably won’t find in your local mall.  I also like  helping a good cause. If you are in and around North Texas on Saturday, November 15 you will have an opportunity to do both. The toys donated with be given to Jonathan’s Place (

Remember “thisisyourbestyear”.

Happy Shopping!

holiday event

Your Service Is Appreciated

I found this article that gave several places for veterans to go to celebrate Veterans Day with a discount.  It is written by Paul Guina who is also a veteran.


Through your service you made it possible for us to remember “thisisyour(our)bestyear”.


Fashion Week In Big D

Bigger, better and bolder–that’s how Fashion X Dallas opened its fashion week.  The show is being held at the Fashion Industry Gallery (F.I.G.) in the Arts District.  All guest were given an opportunity to be photographed on the red carpet.

There was champagne and hors d’oeuvres  in the VIP lounge where you could get up close and personal with the designers that were presenting.  Each night will bring a different group of designers to meet and greet.

Fashion X Dallas featured up and coming designers the first night.  The final night will feature winners and runner-ups from the hit television show Project Runway: Mychael Knight, Melissa Fleis, Laura Kathleen, Anthony Ryan Auld, Daniel Esquivel, Jeffrey Sebelia, Korto Momolu, and Michelle Lesniak. If you are a fan of the show, you will probably have a favorite.

The gallery provided an opportunity for some shopping with pop-up shops featuring everything from jewelry, clothing, accessories and more.  Some of the designers showing their work were Laura Ginsburg Pierson, Mitchel Primrose, and Marcus Andrews among others.

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Fashion X Dallas offers a wonderful, exciting evening. You can learn more about the event and still buy tickets at:

Remember “thisisyourbestyear”–why not do it with style?

The Texas Conference For Women Is For You

Decisions, decisions–it is so hard to choose what sessions to attend at the Texas Conference For Women in Austin, Texas on November 13, 2014.  The state of Texas does things bigger and better than most, and the Texas Conference For Women is one of the biggest in the nation with something for what seems like every woman in and around Texas (everybody).  That’s where the decision part comes in–choosing.

The keynote speakers are a who’s who in various fields of endeavor.  Soledad O’Brien, Diana Nyad and others will be gracing the stage.  There are Pulitzer Prize winners, company CEO’s and more.  The conference will have breakout sessions, round table discussions, vendors and fantastic networking opportunities.

This year the conference is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a fantastic, strong group of leaders who are experts in their chosen fields. The women attending will be able to obtain valuable paths to becoming more successful in their careers and in their personal lives.

To learn more about the Texas Conference For Women, go to:  There is something for you.  It is a perfect girls weekend in Austin, Texas.

Remember “thisisyourbestyear”.


Fashion And Women Of A Certain Age


I absolutely love Project Runway, but I basically never pick the winner.  It has been a goal of mine to go to Fashion Week in New York, and so far I haven’t been able to get there.  I am so proud though that “thisisyourbestyear”  will be covering Fashion X Dallas.  We will be able to talk with some of our favorite designers from Project Runway including Korto Momolu, Daniel Esquivel and Anthony Ryan Auld.  I’ve learned that fashion is yours and yours alone–if you like it wear it.  As a woman of a certain age, I’ve had to find my style, and as I have matured it has certainly changed.

Remember “thisisyourbestyear”.

Auf Wiedersehen!