Who Can Be Sick?

When the girls were small, and I stayed home from work because of illness they somehow were ill too. The girls are on their own now with busy lives. Last Friday I was ill and was prescribed meds. Well guess who else decided they would be ill–hubby. No, he does not have my illness, he is just ill. I got up and made the sick man breakfast–appetite is still good. I then checked my work email. I am going to work. It is too much work to be sick. Love that man.

Remember, thisisyourbestyear. 

Tried and True


I was informed yesterday that I am sick–I have Strep Throat. Other than the usual symptoms of sore throat, ear pain, bad case of sounding like Wezzie Jefferson, my face was as dry as West Texas in August. While they were filling my prescription, I went looking for a facial moisturizer that would help with the problem until I could go to Whole foods to discuss this matter–remember I am sick. The little sales clerk all of 19 tried to assist this woman of a certain age, and it wasn’t working. She did not understand that I needed moisture. I am not even sure she knew what I was talking about. Needless to say after about 10 minutes of showing me products that firmed, brightened, reduced and everything else we were still not understanding each other. She showed me products that were all natural fruits that had names of fruit God did not create. Remember I am sick. Just as I turn to leave I spot something from my youth, read the label–it is only a moisturizer with less ingredients than any of the others, and did not claim to be natural. Did I forget to tell you it cost less than $5? It is now the morning after 3 pills and one night of Pond’s Dry Skin Cream that I can say that I am feeling a little better and my face feels a lot better. Sometimes you don’t need a lot to fix the problem, you just need the problem fixed. Remember, “thisisyourbestyear”.

New Smart Phone

Well it’s about dead.  It has started to get sickly, you know letters have to hit more than once, it takes a while to get on the internet, can’t pull up email–contract is up.  I need a new smart phone.  What should I get?  I need your help.  The phone should have an awesome camera and a keyboard that is user-friendly.  I use my phone a lot for my day job at the college.  I use it for my blogging and my reporting for the Fort Worth Black News. The old phone is a HTC Inspire.

Please help!  What should I get?

thisisyourbestyear Because of Those that Paved the Way–Honor Them

Yes, “thisisyourbestyear”, but remember and honor those that came before you so that you could live the life you want. Each year there are programs celebrating Black History Month. Above are the members of the Black History Month Committee at Trinity River Campus of Tarrant County College with Star Telegram columnist Bob Ray Sanders (second from right)

A couple of years ago, I wrote this article about giving honor and respect to African Americans who were the “first”. The link is below. Take a look and enjoy because “thisisyourbestyear” because of them.

Paying Homage to African American First

Another wonderful article was written by Leonard Pitts Jr., take a look and remember some of the others who made history.

Spotlighting 10 Who Made a Difference

Remember, “thisisyourbestyear” because of those that paved the way.