I just read an article in the local newspaper-The Star-Telegram which talks about the newest beauty cream sensations–BB Creams. Here is the link to the article which was written by Courtney Ortega:

I first heard about BB Creams this summer on the Dr. Oz Show, they are supposed to be the next best thing for skin especially if you are a woman of a certain age.  They contain all sorts of good things such moisturizer, sunscreen, a hint of color or not, antioxidants and even skin lightening ingredients.

BB creams can be worn alone or used with foundation and/or powder.  I decided to try this magic.  I ran into a problem that it seems the cosmetic industry is just now starting to realize.  The products do not have deeper/dark colors for the most part.  I will admit that I did not try all of them.  I did however go to Neiman Marcus and talk with the ladies in the cosmetic department.  I was informed that several of the larger brands such as Bobbi Brown and Clinique are in the process of formulating deeper colors.The ladies then decided to apply Estee Lauder DayWear BB Cream on me.  It comes in two shades.  The darkest of the shades was still far too light for me even with the expert makeup artist applying it.

The first BB cream that I tried on my own was Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream which comes in two shades:  light/medium and medium/dark.  I chose the medium/dark–go figure.  It claims that you will save time with just one multi-benefit product that offers advanced skincare + immediate skin perfecting coverage. This hybrid formula renews radiance, brightens complexion, evens skin tone, hydrates and protects with SPF15 UVA/UVB sunscreen. Get results you can see and feel instantly.  I tried to apply the product without first applying a moisturizer, but decided that since I was a woman of a certain age it would work better with a moisturizer applied first.  The medium/dark was not for me–still too light.  It made me have that “ashy gray” color that I call the color of death.I did however give this one to my sister whose skin tone is a couple of shades lighter than mine.  She applies it with a moisturizer also, and it looks okay, not good, but okay. It still seems like she is wearing a bit too much makeup for me.

The next one I tried was Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream which comes in five shades, fair, light, light/medium, medium and dark.  I chose the dark in this product.  Smashbox claims for this product says that it is a five-in-one set secret for achieving flawless skin on camera and beyond.  It states that this multitasking tinted cream formula with SPF 35 moisturizes, primes, perfects, controls oil, and protects for flawless skin on set and beyond. Formulated with emollients and optical pearl pigments, this BB Cream gives skin a glowing, ethereal look and provides a hydrating veil for the complexion to maintain moisture on the surface of the skin. With its ultra-smoothing finish, it instantly re-texturizes to create a smooth canvas. Especially when worn under foundation, it enhances the wear of makeup. I again tried to put it on without first applying moisturizer, and again decided that it would work better with the moisturizer.  The dark was great for me, it blended smoothly without a lot of coverage, just enough.  I wore it for an entire day, in and out of the sun and by the end of the day it still looked good.  I did not put anything else over it at this time.  The next time I wore it, I did apply a small amount of Bobbi Brown Bronzer just because I like that look.  Bobbi Brown Bronzer is my go to, always must have product.Since I think the dark was good for me, they do need to get ever darker/deeper colors so that more women of color can use this product.

I like this product for several reasons.  One of the main reasons that I like this product is that you can put your sunscreen and makeup on in one application, and if you believe the hype, you can also put on your anti aging creams at the same time. I do not suggest that you then put on foundation, it seems a bit too much for me.  Since I live in Texas, I do not wear a lot of makeup and I choose it very carefully, and this is one that I would keep with my cosmetics.  For the most part, I am a bronzer person–no foundation., but I will keep this product with me and carry it when I travel, if for no other reason than it can save on space, and you can get it in that little plastic bag that TSA gives you.  The prices of BB Creams are drug store prices to high-end store prices.  Take your time, try a few and then decide if this product is for you.  If you have tried BB Creams, please share your experience with us.

Always remember: thisisyourbestyear”.

Olympian Al Joyner talks of Loss

Olympian Al Joyner talks of Loss

Olympian Al Joyner tells how his daughter Mary saved his life after the death of his wife, Flo Jo.  The entire episode on Oprah’s Next Chapter was fantanstic.  If you are a fan of the Olympics, watch this episode before they come on.


Mary says she remembers saying her prayers with her mother every night.  She said her mother always told her to be grateful for “everything” because nothing was promised.  Remember “thisisyourbestyear”.

A-WOW 2012 World Summit ” Be the Change” (International Girls Summit)

A-WOW 2012 World Summit ” Be the Change”

July 29 | August 09, 2012

University of Texas at Dallas | 800 W. Campbell Rd | Hall North | Richardson, TX 75081

A-WOW International  Girls Leadership Initiative is the foundation of education, knowledge and  innovation for girls aspiring to be leaders of the next generation. A-WOW IGLI leadership and development program consists of four modules. These modules will help educate, empower and enrich young girls and women:

Leadership/Mentoring and Coaching | Training, Resource Material Supports & Information Sharing | Foreign Student Exchange & In-service | Mentorship.

Toe Shoes Verdict


It is official–they are truly not attractive, but they are really comfortable. The toe shoes that I tried are the Fila Skeletoes. There are many other brands of toe shoes including the Adidas Adipure Trainers and the Vibram Five Fingers. If you decide to get a pair of toe shoes make sure you get the correct pair for your specific physical activity. If you want a pair of toe shoes to wear in and around the house, I suggest Fila Skeletoes. Remember “thisisyourbestyear.”

Friendships Lost

I always try to write while on an airplane flight because it keeps my mind calm.  I also listen to music especially gospel when going through turbulence.  On this particular flight I began to write about friendships through the years.

Line sisters of Psi Zeta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority–members of the 12 Phases of Togetherness.

You know friendships and how they change as we live our best year.

Friends since first grade and junior high school–how many years ago was that?

I thought the process was going pretty good, and then I decided to take a break and read one of my favorite magazines–More.  While reading the latest for women of a certain age, I ran across an article written by Jacquelyn Mitchard entitled “Where Did Our Friendship Go Wrong”.  This article got me to thinking even more about friendship(s).  I will ultimately give credit where credit is due.  It is an excellent article for women who have lost a friend.   I’m not talking about death, moving away or anything like that. I ‘m talking about the feeling that occurs when the friendship just stops and no matter how hard you or the other person tries, you can’t seem to get it back.

Jacquelyn Mitchard’s article deals with what we as women of a certain age go through when a friendship dies.  I will not give away the article, but it will cause you to stop and think even if it has not happened to you.  It has not happened to me in this particular manner.

The article will make you smile, it will make you sad.  You know the feeling you had when you broke up with your one true love, but you still saw him almost every day in the hallway.

A friendship that dies is sort of like a divorce or even the death of a spouse.  You tend to have to divide friends and acquaintances.  When a divorce happens who gets what friends, who gets the church, who gets the activities that you enjoyed together (the other friends came with the activities).  When a spouse or partner dies, this couple becomes a single person and that makes all the difference in the world.  How can the friends discuss their significant other when you don’t have one.

I can’t imagine my life without certain friends, those that I see and talk to daily, and those that I see only on occasion.

We’ve been trying to climb walls since our days at East Texas State University (Texas A&M Commerce).

I can’t imagine Oprah without Gayle

Gayle and Oprah’s road trip.

or Lucy without Ethel.

Lucy and Ethel were always together.

I even thought I couldn’t imagine Jen without Evelyn (it was my guilty pleasure until last season–little too much drama for me).

Basketball wives Jen and Evelyn before Chad came into the picture.

Then again, I always thought Diana Ross and the Supremes,

Where did their love go?

Desitiny’s Child and others would always be together–not!  Almost every time I read an article on former first lady Laura Bush, she is doing something with her friends.

Former First Lady Laura bush with friends.

As we live our best year, we notice that our friendships can change and evolve.  We can have friends of different ages.  We can have our friends that we enjoy doing certain things with. It does not mean that we love our other friends any less.  I love to travel with my cousin Kaye, it does not mean that I love my other cousins any less.

Grab your coffee, tea or wine and take a look at Jacquelyn Mitchard’s  “Where Did Our Friendship Go Wrong”. Reflect on the friendships that you have lost and enjoy the ones that you have now because no matter what has happened in the past “thisisyourbestyear”.

Here is the link to this wonderful/thoughtful article:

Shoe Sale (bunion proof)

Shoe Sale (bunion proof shoes)

Looking for shoes that will make you forget you have a bunion?  Take a look at Miz Mooz and Taryn Rose shoes on this site.  This is a good site to keep as one of your favorites–there are always good sales.  One thing that is important is to go and try on the brand you want to purchase.  This is so you will know your true size because as we know everything is not the same especially in shoes.