The Girls are now Women

When the girls become women most of them should be seen a little less out in public.  They should not be let out as much as when they were younger.

You know now they move and won’t be still.  You tell them to stay put, but they won’t. You try to corral them in by tightening the strap, but somehow it still might not work.  Depending upon the size of your girls, then you may need to get a little more assistance.

When the girls were coming of age, most of the women of a certain age didn’t really think about them.  Our mother’s did though; they always wanted them to be out of sight, out of mind.

As the girls grew we discovered that they could become good friends.  They could get attention from people we didn’t even know.  They were usually perky, and they loved, little lacy outfits.  Our mother’s depending upon our age liked them in white, but we discovered  black and then all of the colors of the rainbow.

We discovered they liked to sit up high, so we purchased things that would allow them to enjoy themselves.  We also discovered that most of the time they liked to be seen.  We even saw that on television, in the movies, and in magazines the girls were every where.  But ladies, the girls have grown up and now they are women, and the women can’t do what the girls do.

Come on ladies,I’m talking about cleavage.  Yes, I know that everything that is made now shows cleavage.  Well that means you should probably pack safety pins in your purse.  As we mature things start to happen.  In fact, some of us were never perky (get real) and be honest with yourself.  Most of us do not have the confidence of Whoopi Goldberg, so we need to remember that we are no longer “girls” and neither is our cleavage.

Some of us have been surgically enhanced, but these women still need to be dressed a little differently.  A little cleavage is not a bad thing on most people, but the more you mature, the more they need to mature.

I’m not talking about looking sexy; there are many ways to look sexy without bringing the girls out to play.  Take a little time, find a look for the occasion.  Got good arms, show them off.  Got good legs, let them be seen.  Got a toned back and backside–enough said.  They will love to see you walk away.

Take a look at some of the best known women in the United States who know that the girls are now women and dress accordingly.  These ladies know and so should you “thisisyourbestyear”.  Ladies share with us ways you enhance/show off the women.  We all have things that work for us so let’s share. See you next week.


Foot Pain–Your Bunions are Screaming

Let’s talk about something that most of us don’t like to talk about–our feet and the pain that we sometimes endure.  Today we’re going to talk about bunions.  That unsightly bump on the side of your big toe. 
The pain can be unbearable sometimes. You can be sitting in a very important meeting and all of a sudden the sharp pain comes in an instant, you try to sit there and pay close attention while trying to get your shoe off with the opposite foot. You’re sound asleep dreaming of something wonderful when out of nowhere the pain causes you to wake up. You try to alleviate the pain by taking your foot from under the sheet, which seems to be weighting a ton and irritating your foot to no end. The screaming is horrific and you just want it to stop. This annoying friend is the dreaded bunion pain. It is a pain that can be sharp or it can be a thumping pain. It can feel like every time your heart beats the bunion on the side of your foot is struck with pain. Bunion pain can make you walk around your office barefooted. It can hurt so bad that you drive home with no shoes.
Bunions are very common foot deformities. They are a displacement of the bone that is under the big toe, which causes it to move towards the rest of the toes who will not be very happy with the closeness. This will then cause a shifting of bones that will then cause a bony prominence on the side of the foot (this is called the bunion joint). Bunions are far more prevalent in women than in men, but are just as painful in both. Surgery is always an option in the removal of bunions, but it should be the last possible solution. Those that have bunions should remember that surgery is not always successful and it can be very painful. They should also remember that the surgery does not guarantee that you will be able to wear the shoes that you desire; the surgery is designed to alleviate the pain nothing else. There are nonsurgical options for relieving the pain of bunions. These options are simple and very cost conscious.  Here are a few solutions that I know that work.
 1. Wear wide fitting shoes, shoes with wide toe boxes. Persons who are afflicted with bunions generally will wear a half size larger shoe. You should always have your foot measured. Most designers have shoes with wider toe boxes. You don’t have to buy “comfortable” shoes to get a wide toe box. You can look stylish in wide toe box shoes. Some of the brands that I have found to have wide comfortable toe boxes are: Sofft, New Balance, Saucony, Miz Mooz and others.

  2. Choose shoes that have a leather upper. This will allow the foot to breathe and also allow the shoe to stretch. You can buy an inexpensive stretcher for your shoes at any local drugstore or you can take your shoes to the shoe repair shop for them to stretch them for you.

  3. Wear low to medium heel shoes and save the heels for special occasions. Male doctors will tell women to avoid high heels at all times, but what do they know, they just graduated medical school. High heels do come in wider toe boxes. You should never try to stuff your foot in pointed toe shoes.

  4. Try padding the bunion. Padding can take up valuable space in the shoe so be very careful of the pads you choose. Try them on (shoes/pads) and walk around in the house on your day off to see if they work. They can also be painful to remove. Always soak your feet in warm water before attempting to take off the bunion pad. After removing the pad, try putting lotion on the bunion. Sometimes pads can cause irritation, so be careful.

  5. Go without shoes when possible. While at home, go without shoes, or wear socks or comfortable slippers.

  6. Massage your feet every night-they will enjoy it. Take time to rub the bunion and exercise the big toe. Take about 10 to 15 minutes a night to prepare them to wear shoes the next day. While rubbing the bunion place two fingers between the big toe and the next. Do this about six or seven times. While in this position take the thumb and rub the bunion while the two fingers are between the toes. If you have time, soak your feet in warm water. If pushed for time, take a bath instead of your regular shower. Your feet will thank you. Pay close attention to your entire foot. Bunions can cause other foot problems such as corns. Make sure to treat the entire foot with care.

  7. When sleeping wearing night splints. This can straighten the bunion while you sleep. You can go online to find them or they can be found in your local drugstore.

  8. Wear toe socks-they will keep your feet warm while they gently straighten out your toes, and they are cute and stylish. 

  9. Never wear the same shoes twice in a row. If you wear your favorite pumps on Monday, wear another pair on Tuesday. This will allow your feet to go to another position for at least eight hours.

  10. Get rid of shoes that are still painful after about the third wearing. They will not get any better, and you might be tempted to wear them again.

  11. Visit a podiatrist at least once a year. He can give you new exercises and even tell you if surgery is needed. Always remember that you should get at least two opinions before surgery.

There are a lot of reasons that people have bunions, and it is not always the shoes. In underdeveloped countries where the people rarely wear shoes or never wear them there are still cases of people who have bunions. It is sometimes genetic, so blame your parents-I did and still do.

 In most instances those that have bunions if careful can go without surgery. When all else fails and the pain has become unbearable, surgery may become necessary. Those that choose surgery should know that this is not cosmetic surgery, but corrective surgery. They should know that most doctors do not repair both feet at the same time, which means the rehabilitation period will be longer.

You can live with bunions and not have pain. It takes a little extra shopping time and not always believing that surgery is the answer. I say all of this since I have alleviated the screaming, and I have not had surgery. Surgery was recommended to me many years ago by a podiatrist. When I informed my primary care physician that I was having surgery, he asked me if my feet bothered me a lot. I told him they didn’t unless I wore certain shoes. He replied, “Don’t wear them if they hurt.” He also told me that I would know when and if I needed surgery. I baby my feet with my hereditary bunions, because even though they are with me always, I don’t like them screaming at me.

Take a look at some people you might recognize–see you do have something in common with them.  Click on the pictures and take a look. Ladies if you have a solution to a foot problem, please share with us.  Remember “thisisyourbestyear.”  See you next week.

The Characters are How Old and Doing What?

Well, I know you thought this post would be about Mother’s Day.  Hey, you know it’s coming up, and you know what to do–make Mama feel like the queen she is.

I have always loved to read.  Almost nothing is better than curling up with a good book, cup of coffee/glass of wine (depending on the time of day), pair of socks and enjoying a good book. This week we’re going to talk about the books we love to read. We’re going to share the titles and tell a little bit about the book.

As a young child, the Bobbsey Twins ignited my love of reading.  I lived in their house and named my cat Snoop in honor of them. 

Over the years, my reading taste changed, but one thing that I noticed, very few of the characters changed; they never really matured, and if they did, they were relegated to sub-sub plots, you know, cooking, babysitting and sitting on the porch.

While in search of something to hold my attention, I found Ms. Evelyn Palfrey, and she bought joy to my heart.  Her books let me laugh, cry, become a detective, talk with the characters as I read and so much more.

I first got acquainted with her work while attending an event in Dallas, Texas where she told us of her love for romance novels (she almost lost me there), but I kept listening because she was so entertaining.  Then she said something that caught my attention–all the romance novels had beautiful, twenty something, fit characters in them.  As she had matured, the characters she had grown to love had stayed the same age.  She decided that she wanted to read about people who were more like her–maturing, working on second careers, some with children, grandchildren, some dealing with divorce, death, everything that happens as we go through this life.

I feel I know her because she writes about real women, but she does so entertainingly–they are not dull characters.  She writes about the one who goes on a diet, and doesn’t lose any weight.  She writes about the one who is insecure, the one who is confident, the one who dreams about the man who got away, until she sees him again, and then thank’s God he got away. Evelyn writes beautifully about women who sometime look back over their lives with regret, but also who look toward the future with hope.  One of my favorites by Ms. Palfrey is “Three Perfect Men”. There is romance and mystery which I love.

For pure pleasure, take a look at “Butterfly” by Kathryn Harvey. This one was something I picked up years ago.  It was recommended by the store clerk, and he was on the money.  It is a weekend read that is  just for fun. 

The last book that I read just for fun was “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”,  by Stieg Larsson.  It was wonderful, action packed, sexy and so much more.

Ladies who do you like to read?  Give us a name and a title of something that you enjoyed–tell us a little something about the book.  Let’s share.

Ms. Palfrey’s website is:

You can purchase her books and also the book “Butterfly” on Amazon.

If you don’t have time for an entire novel, take a look at this blog written by Pam Wyatt Aaron.  It is called the “Sage Book Whisperer”.  She writes about so many wonderful things–life, travel, tea, crafts, foods and so much more.   This blog will keep you entertained and informed.  Her blog site is: 

If any men are reading this, and I hope there are–buy Mama a tablet to read her books on–remember Mother’s Day is here.

Happy Mother’s Day and remember, “Thisisyourbestyear”.  Don’t forget to share your favorite books and authors with us.  See you next week